Market a Target Audience to Convert More Sales


If you’re running a customer driven business, you understand the importance of having a target audience when it comes to marketing and advertising. Different people want different things, and you want to reach the people who want what you’re selling. If you build it, they won’t come; unless, you also build a comprehensive marketing campaign and target it to specific people.

Target Audiences Result in More Conversions

The main reason to market to a target audience is to convert at a greater rate. For example, if you’re promoting a new video game, you wouldn’t want to target the residents of a nursing home. You’d want to target millennials and new millennials, ensuring your marketing efforts are targeting the ones who’re most interested in the game. You’ll earn yourself more conversions when you stick to target marketing.

How to Define Your Target Audience

Look at the product and/or service you’re offering. Who is it meant for? Ask yourself what age and gender are interested parties. Are you promoting products and services to other businesses? What types of businesses are going to best benefit from what you’re offering? It’s essential to know what defines your target market.

If you’re too busy to do the research, you may want to consider subscribing to analytical software or a service that creates buyer profiles. Leadspace creates your ideal customer profile, and builds on that profile to create leads for targeted ad campaigns. Remember: without a buyer profile, you could end up seeing little to no response from an ad campaign because you targeted the wrong market.

How to Market to Your Target Audience

Marketing is a tricky landscape to navigate, which is why most businesses have a marketing department or subscribe to a third-party marketing service. Your marketers have the skills necessary to create visual presentations that inspire buyers.

Here’s some examples how products and services are marketed:

  • Website ads
  • Content marketing
  • Print ads
  • Social networking ads
  • Forum marketing
  • Guest blog posts

The Importance of Lists

After your target audience is defined, you can begin to build list. Lists are ways of keeping track of ad campaigns, customers, and more. An example of this is a mailing list, including email mailing lists. Offer your target audience an incentive for providing their email or physical mailing address. Incentives can include free ebooks, complimentary audit or consultation, or some other low-cost service. Once they’re signed up, you can send periodical updates about your business ensuring you reach them every time you’re offering a new service, product, or promotion.

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A target audience is very important to the success of your business. Lack of a customer base is among the top reasons businesses fail. Don’t fail because you didn’t define your target audience. Your target audience will build itself through word of mouth, referrals, and more. Your customers will begin to spread awareness about your business, and the more people who know what you have to offer, the higher your chances of selling something.

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