Kicking It Old School With Product Marketing


Create a fancy new website and a few profiles on social media for your product and BLAM – sales will rain down upon you. All you need to do meanwhile is just grab a bag of popcorn, sit back, and watch your business grow from the comfort of your home.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy, especially when you’re dealing in a physical product.

Online and eCommerce marketing can be an increasingly powerful and cost effective tool for marketing products, but they can’t be the only tactic. Right now, everyone is so focused on online marketing that they’re totally neglecting old school product marketing tactics – that can be just as effective (even more in some instances) as anything done to promote products online.

So if you’ve been running into problems while trying to find your groove with new-age marketing tactics, try these few simple, old school marketing strategies that can still build your business and attract paying customers:

Mail order

Customers who have already taken interest in your product should not be overlooked. These customers are important and what can be beneficial is getting personal information from these consumers.

Mail them a free sample of the product in exchange for the personal information. These are the customers who are familiar with your company, so it is important to count them as your main target audience. They should be included in the list of consumers you want to market new product variants or future releases to.


Point of sale marketing is a way of selling your product and promoting it inside brick and mortar stores. The idea is to promote the items in a way that offers impulse and convenience to consumers. You can also utilize end cap marketing, which involves placing the product at the end of aisles in supermarkets.

Marketers can use corrugated displays that can be placed anywhere on the floor to market new products or items. These corrugated point of sale displays can be designed to market products through structural creativity and eye-catching graphics.

Guerilla tactics

If you don’t have a huge budget to start a social media campaign or buy offline purchase advertisements, giveaway your product samples at promotional events and trade shows through low-cost trades. For example, you can ask employees to donate their time to charity events and give away product samples for free.

Likewise, you can promote products at any event attended by your target market in exchange for promotional giveaways or signage. You can even set up a concession stand at university and college events, donating the profits of your sales to the educational institute in exchange of product sampling.

Wrap vehicles

In the verge of internet marketing, many product marketers tend to ignore the impact a moving product advertisement could make on consumers. A car wrap can realistically create 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day! These numbers would cost much more if done through television or social media advertisement.

Pick the right vehicle. The wrap is going to be an extension of your product, so make sure it gives the right impression. Select a car or another vehicle with ample surface space to provide a good combination of product promotion space and value.

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