ice or Integrated Case Earphone by Yuljae Lee


ice or Integrated Case Earphone is a retractable set of earphones that are built into the phone case. To use you need to unplug the earphones, then pull the cord to extend them and enjoy your music.

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After listening, pull on the earphones slightly. Wires will automatically wind up like a measuring tape.

Essentially the design takes care of your wires and tangles mess; eliminating the need to wind them up or storing them separately. Love the idea, now only if someone will make it!

Designer: Yuljae Lee


Integrated Case Earphone Integrated Case Earphone Integrated Case Earphone


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  1. […] czasem nawet takie, do których realizacji nigdy nie dojdzie. Być może jednym nich jest ICE autorstwa Yuljae Lee – któż wie? Nie znaczy to jednak, nie warto przyjrzeć się co tym razem […]

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