How to Get a Cool Office on a Budget


Though it is important for an office space to have a certain appeal – to both clients and employees – it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune.

The design of an office space is incredibly important. Consider this: most people spend about a third of their lifetime at work, which means that their environment should be comfortable, welcoming, and conducive to productivity. The way an office looks can also make or break professional relationships with clients and colleagues. So, how is it possible to get a cool office on a budget?

Furniture and decor

Classic office furniture can feel stuffy and overbearing. The good news is that a modern office doesn’t have to be all filing cabinets and cubicles. Of course, there is a need for desks and chairs, but consider both form and function when choosing new pieces.

Desks should offer simple design yet maximum function: plenty of work surface and storage. Chairs should be comfortable and ergonomic, since most office workers spend a majority of their day sitting. It is also a good idea to invest in some sleek shelving.

Remember, the best office spaces aren’t just clean, functional, and attractive – they also capture something about the spirit of the organization. Once the bare bones of the office’s design are locked down, don’t be afraid to accent the décor scheme with something personal or quirky.

This doesn’t have to be expensive – it could be something as simple as the company logo on the wall or some handmade sculptures in an unused corner. It’s also a good idea to avoid corporate art at all costs.

Lighting is also an important aspect of office design. Many office spaces have built-in fluorescent lighting, which can seem clinical and may even make workers feel tired and depressed. If possible, let the natural light in.

Offices that allow for lots of natural light tend to have more productive workers. So, if there are windows, shutters are a great alternative to blinds or curtains. They are easy to clean, can be adjusted throughout the day, and have a sleek modern look to them. Shutters come in a variety of colors and materials – natural wood, plastic, and metal.

Money-saving tips

Of course, shopping for new office furniture and décor can cost a pretty penny. If the organization is on a budget, why not search liquidation sales and the internet for special deals? Just because something is pre-owned doesn’t mean it can’t look good in the office. Remember: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

One of the easiest methods of achieving a cooler office is to start by cleaning up – it’s free and easy. Clutter and disorganization add to the chaos, so neaten up and radically improve the look of the office in just minutes. Eliminate bins from desk surfaces that encourage clutter. Ban employees from eating at the desk. Wrangle that tangle of cords under the desk and along the wall. Remember, a neat and tidy office is a cool and modern office.

If a full-on renovation of the office isn’t possible due to budgetary constraints, simply rearranging the layout can also do wonders. Consider researching the principles of feng shui, which can help an office feel more organized and improve the energy throughout. Plus, a change of scenery will always make things seem fresh and new.


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