How to Be a Well Behaved Individual Online


As in all aspects of our everyday lives, we pick up bad habits when we wander on the information superhighway – or, in today’s terms, we navigate the internet. There are several such habits that most people find extremely annoying. Here are a few of them, and some suggestions about how to get rid of them.

  1. Email related annoyances

One of the worst habit executives have is emailing their employees outside business hours – and, of course, expecting them to reply. This isn’t helpful, and should only be done in case of a real emergency. In France it is outright illegal: a year ago French manages have been forbidden to contact their workers outside business hours, forcing them to save their messages for the next day.

Another extremely annoying digital habit is “Email ping-pong” – the act of email correspondence between two people getting out of hand or control. This usually happens inside the office, where it is extremely easy to walk over to the next cubicle and have a conversation.

  1. Phone Invasion

Whenever you leave home, you will see people with their gaze deeply buried in their phone screen – reading emails and sending texts. Phones – or the constant distraction they represent – have reportedly been the cause of more and more marital problems, and have been proven to cause sleep disorders and depression. Have you ever sit at a table with your friends, at a night out at the pub, and seen them constantly swiping their phones? It’s annoying, right?

The solution is simple: turn off your phone when you get home, or if you don’t want to, simply turn off the notifications for anything but phone calls. This way you can dedicate your attention to what matters – your loved ones, pets, a good book or some well-deserved rest.

  1. Game changer

Constant gaming is maybe the most annoying things a man or woman can do on a computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet (I don’t know on any smart watch games at this time, but if and when they appear, we will add them to the list). No matter if it is some immersive MMO or an addictive social game like Farmville or Candy Crush, or playing amazing casino games at All Slots casino flash, gaming can cause constant issues in your everyday life, not to mention that it can lead to addiction – which is very hard to get rid of. Self-control and time limits can help, but the best solution to this issue is the realization of the problem and a lot of self -control. Indeed, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not have an addiction, there are organizations that help you with gaming addiction. For example, All Slots is an accredited online casino whose support staff will refer problem players to professional counselors. This problem of digital addiction can be solved.

+1 – Social media

Constantly keeping up with social networks and constantly sharing every moment of your life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else you use, is extremely annoying for the people around you. In the long run it can distance you for them, leaving you with nothing but the hundreds of “friends” you have online – and with no meaningful social life in the real world. Social media can be addictive, too – according to a recent report, 18% of the users of social networks can’t go a few hours without checking them.

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