Get Your Teeth Into These Dental Industry Issues


If you work in the dental industry, you are probably sick of teeth puns like the one above! But what you’re probably not sick of is useful advice to ensure that your business is as successful as possible. Therefore is it worth your while to keep on reading, to learn more about the following issues in the industry that could be affecting your business.

Online Companies

One of the biggest changes that the dental industry has seen recently are companies offering subscription orthodontic services.  Primarily in the form of invisible braces, over the internet. These services remove the need for most of the dental visits that many specialists have relied on in the past.

The worrying aspect is that they are also offered at a much lower cost to the patient, so they seem very appealing.

Get Your Teeth Into These Dental Industry Issues


If you can see this hurting your business, it is wise to remind your patients that face to face appointments can resolve issues swiftly. As well as comfort any concerns they might have, which are common in a health related area such as this.


Another issue that is having an effect on the success of dental practices is how they cater to cater to their convenience of their patients. For example, many folks work all week. So offering late night and weekend appointment can make sure a huge difference to the number of patients that attend your practice.

Even things like having a convenient place to park when visiting the surgery can make a difference. So make sure to think about your practice from your patient’s point of view to maximize the number of people you get through your doors.

Appointment systems

Another huge development in the dental industry is the computerisation of appointment systems. No longer are they just a way of keeping dental records all in once place. But they are also a way of interacting with your patients in a valid manner that can help you as a practice improve.

For example, you can improve dental practice patient retention by offering a chance to send feedback via mobile devices which you can use to improve customer service. As well as using it to send automatic reminders to patients, so they don’t forget when they need to be with you. Which also means you don’t loose time and money on missed appointments.

Bedside Manner

As the dental industry becomes more and more competitive, something that can really help you to stand out from all of the other is your bedside manner. Few people actually like going to the dentist. So making the process as stress-free and pleasant for them as possible can really help them attend their appointments.

Get Your Teeth Into These Dental Industry Issues

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In particular, the bed or chair side manner of you and you hygiene staff can help folks that are anxious. As all they really need is to realize that it’s isn’t quite as bad as they thought.

To do this, encourage your patients to tell you if they are of a nervous disposition. As well as agreeing on a stop signal that they can use at any time, so they feel much more control of the procedure.

Also try to explain things in a friendly non-judgemental manner, as folks don’t like to have to pay to be judged or talked down to.

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