Dota 6.70 AI Rev 2 : Download Now..!!


Good news for Dota AI die hard fans, PBMN has just made another version of Dota 6.70 AI map. He fix some problem with Phoenix and also give some basic AI reaction to Phoenix’s Supernova and Sun Ray. Check out the map!

Please download here :

mirror : Dota 6.70 AI Rev 2


filesonic mirror : Dota 6.70 AI Rev 2

DotA 6.70c AI Rev 2 Changelogs
1. Fixed Human Phoenix Auto Super Nova after Dive and Low HP.
2. Removed the debug message after Invoker`s Meteor.
3. Fixed Walrus Punch not working when used on the same hero twice.
4. Added Phoenix basic anti Sun Ray and Super Nova reactions.
5. Fixed a bug in Invoker`s system skills usage making him use Ghost Walk when he can`t.
6. I put some delay on endscreen generation but i don`t think that fixes the bug with missing data at some point.

Sometimes, it’s more enjoyable to play with computer rather than being cursed by other player in Garena. Computer says nothing.


Enjoy your game..!!!

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