Digital Marketing Innovations Too Good To Ignore


The modern business landscape is constantly changing, and it would be hard to deny that technology often plays a huge part in that. The advent of the internet has pushed practically every aspect of many businesses forward in remarkable ways and nowhere has that been more profound than in marketing. Marketing has undergone something of a radical transformation over the last decade and change. The shift from traditional to digital methods has meant that many businesses have had to change the way that they think about their marketing on a fundamental level. But one mistake that you simply cannot afford to make is to assume that just because you’ve embraced digital marketing, you no longer have to keep pushing forward. Digital marketing is one of the most fast-paced aspects of modern business, and it is constantly changing and shifting. With that in mind, here are some fascinating digital marketing innovations that your business can’t afford to ignore.

Mobile advertising

Digital Marketing Innovations Too Good To Ignore

While the internet is still the driving force behind digital marketing, it’s important to remember that the method through which it’s delivered has shifted significantly over the last decade. Time was that digital marketing only ever needed to be focussed around computers since those were the only internet enabled devices available. However now, with the rise of the smartphone, that has shifted significantly. Now people spend most of their time on the internet on their phones, meaning that the way in which you deliver advertising has to be significantly different. Companies like Targetoo specialize in doing just that and can help your business embrace this new technological landscape as a fresh new marketing method. It’s important to get specialized support with something like this because the biggest mistake that you can make is to assume that mobile advertising functions in the same way as desktop advertising. Much like the difference between traditional and digital marketing, each new development comes with its own set of quirks and peculiarities that you’re going to have to come to terms with in order to use it as effectively as possible.


In a similar vein to mobile advertising, why not think about marketing your business through a dedicated app? Many people dislike using web browsers on their phones, which is why sites like Facebook and Twitter have their one specialized app. If you want people to interact with your business through their phones, then it might be a good idea to create a dedicated app that allows them to do that as easily as possible. You can use it as a hub for buying products, reading blog posts, finding offers and discounts, and anything else that you think will really interest your customers. The most important thing is to make sure that the app is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t need to be massively complex, in fact, the simpler, the better, but it needs to be easy to navigate and pleasant to look at.


Digital Marketing Innovations Too Good To Ignore

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a phrase that everyone should take to heart: “content is king.” The days of traditional advertising are over, and now, if you want to engage with customers in a digital landscape, you need to be supplying them with high-quality content. This means blog posts, social media posts, tweets, Instagram pictures, the works. But one of the best things that you can do is to offer customers the chance to follow specific content creators. Why not give them the option to be notified when a blog post on your website appears by a specific member of staff. Not only does this create a much more personal experience for your customers but it gives a glimpse at the people behind the company, something that it guaranteed to generate a much stronger emotional bond and sense of loyalty than you would otherwise be able to achieve.

Constantly integrated sharing

Every year, more and more traffic to various websites is coming from social media. This is because the new face of digital marketing is actually the oldest type of marketing that there is: word of mouth. People love to share things that interest them on social media. So if you can produce content that makes people want to share it around, then you’re onto a winner. The first step is the content itself. Make sure that it’s something engaging, whether that’s because it’s funny, informative or emotional. The next step is to make sure that there are links between your website and your social media in every possible direction. Every page of your website should have a link to your social media pages, and you should have widgets built in that allow you to share any post instantly. If a customer has to go through the process of copying and pasting links onto their Facebook page, then it’s going to make them far less likely to share your business or your content than if they could do it with a single click of a button. To streamline it even further, if your customers need to register with your website, why not allow them to do it through facebook? That way they can register more quickly, and it’s easier than ever for them to share anything that interests then.

The most important thing to remember about digital marketing is that it will never stay still because nothing about the digital landscape will ever stay still. It’s your job to do everything you can to stay up to date with all of the latest developments. The best way to do that is to keep a close eye on your customers. How are they engaging with things online? What are they doing with their social media profiles? Are they using any new sites that you’ve not come across before? Let your customers guide you towards the next stage in your businesses digital marketing. You can do all of the reading and research that you want, but if you’re not creating marketing strategies that are specifically designed to engage with your customers, then you’re never going to be able to provide them with the kind of digital experience that they really want.

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