Creative Marketing Ideas


No matter what kind of reputation or stature your business has, it’s products must always be marketed. If, as a business owner, of late you’ve felt that your current marketing campaign has become a bit stale, it’s probably time to freshen it up. Here are a whole host of creative ways to do so for those of you who want to try something new, and for those of you who feel you have no choice but to do so.

Creative Marketing Ideas

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First of all, there are a number of online facilities that help create creative and stimulating marketing campaigns just waiting for you to click on to them. Memes, for example, are a fun option, they’re familiar for regular internet-goers and are easy to make by using sites like meme generator. Online comics are a fun option too. Consider making your own internet comics that relate to the absurd and surreal aspects of your industry on a tool such as strip generator. Or you could enter the podcast world and record your own. Podcasts are great because users can download them and then listen on the go! Possible podcast concepts include discussing hot industry news or interviewing experts.To do all of this, however, you must create a strong foundation to which you should direct all of your traffic: your website. The services of a company that specialises in website design and development, and digital marketing and branding, such as Avex Designs, should be sought.

But if you’d rather show some skin and prove to prospective customers that you’re not a robot, then there also ways to market creatively offline too. Getting permission from the local council or governing authorities to be able to create a mural on the side of a prominent building, and then actually creating it, is a way of showing prospective customers you’re willing to go that extra mile. A mural is also going to last a hell of a lot longer than a normal advertisement campaign, like the ones found on billboards, so you wo’nt have to worry about constantly having to deal with coming up with new ideas. Of course, this idea all rests on whether you have an artistic flair, or not. Or you could just ask Banksy to do it for you. Or you could go even further than the extra mile you’ve already gone and set up a pop-up store. Getting out into the public and setting up, say, a stall at the local shopping centre is a great way approach all kinds of different people who are involved in the local foot traffic. Handing out flyers is still a highly effective tool in marketing, and shouldn’t be forgotten despite it being a bit old-school. And if your marketing fund hasn’t dried up yet, you can create awesome branded tools that your audience will find useful and offer them as free products. Providing free tools will make users think fondly of you as well as acting as a constant reminder to them about your business and brand.

So, there you have it. Both off- and online marketing strategies to give your marketing campaign a creative kick up the backside!

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