Creating A Safe And Healthy Working Environment


Millions of working days are lost each year as a result of work-related illnesses and injuries caused by accidents at work. If you’re launching a startup or you run a business, here are some top tips to keep your workforce happy and healthy.

Designing a safe space

Employers should adhere to stringent health and safety measures to protect employees from accidents. Ensure you are familiar with the latest legislation and provide your staff with the relevant training. Accidents, such as slips, trips and falls are incredibly common. Make sure that you address hazards immediately and you have procedures in place. If there’s a spillage, for example, ensure it is cleaned up, and a warning sign is clearly displayed. Enlist the services of a professional commercial cleaning company. Carry out regular risk assessments.

Keep up to date with maintenance checks and encourage employees to report any issues.

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Promoting good health

Employers are not legally required to promote healthy living at work. But healthy workers are more productive and efficient. Offer incentives, such as health and dental insurance as part of your employment package. Encourage regular breaks throughout the day. Invest in equipment, which reduces the risk of work-related illnesses. Good examples include eye care software and ergonomic desk chairs. Back pain is one of the most common ailments among workers. Ensure your employees have access to adjustable chairs and desks and they are aware of the importance of good posture.

Stress is a common concern for employers. Try to make sure that employees feel able to report issues, such as stress or anxiety, to you. Create a positive environment. Encourage teamwork and reward your staff.

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Investing in high-quality equipment

Many people rely on equipment of some kind to do their job. If you’re an employer, you should always make sure that your team has access to the relevant equipment. This is particularly important in cases where jobs may be hazardous. If you oversee a building site, all employees should use suitable personal protective equipment. If you ask people to do jobs without providing safety equipment, you may be liable if they sustain injuries. If they choose to take action, you may end up paying out compensation.

Investing in good quality equipment and technology is not just important for safety. It also helps to promote efficiency. If you have a new computer, for example, you’ll be able to complete tasks much faster than you would with a laptop that is ten years old. Look out for innovations and gadgets, which could take your business to the next level.

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Everybody has the right to go to work without worrying about suffering from illness or sustaining an injury. Sometimes, accidents are inevitable, but often, they can be prevented. As an employer, it’s your duty to create a safe and healthy working environment for your team. Comply with the latest guidelines and do your bit to support and encourage your employees. If they’re happy and healthy, they’re more likely to give you their all.

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