Creating Responsive Themes for Research Chemicals Websites​


A website will only be considered “responsive” when it is backed by elements that facilitate your endeavors to respond to user behaviour based on the size of the device (iPad, tabs, desktop, smartphone or laptop) he is using. There was a time when websites at large were optimized for desktop viewing since most of the traffic was generated from there.

Why Responsive?

With the increase in the rate of mobile ownership, however, the web trends changed drastically. Mobile searches started steering an increased volume of traffic culminating to a point where they toppled desktop search. The need for creating sites that opened equally fast on mobile devices was felt more intensely than ever. Thus, today we have got these responsive websites that are backed by a mix of flexible layouts, grids, images and intelligently-used CSS media queries.

Documented below are a few responsive themes that you can try out if you are looking forward to create a website on Research Chemicals. As businesses offering these products struggle to strike the right balance between professionalism and visual appeal, it only helps (these businesses) to come across a few existing WordPress and HTML5 themes that will turn out to be the perfect answer to their woes. So, read on!

Bold Launch

One of the simple but exemplary WordPress themes deemed perfect for science-based websites is Bold Launch. The initial purple layout might catch you offguard at first (since blueprint or busy backgrounds are not considered ideal for frill-free professional websites on Research Chemicals). However, it shouldn’t really be a matter of concern for you since you can always change the background to a subtler version, complying with your tastes. It also offers you 600+ google fonts.


Mist is an exemplary HTML5 theme which is widely used across industries owing to its versatile appeal. It is not only perfect for Medical websites and websites on Research Chemicals, but also for restaurant, education and charity sites. The layout is particularly known for its responsiveness and has been tested on most of the devices. Wide page variations, unique page styles and myriad portfolio designs (that were added later) are the hallmarks of this particular theme.

Sky Lab

The WordPress theme Sky Lab is a scientist’s delight. The visitor is welcomed by sliders featuring chemical tubes—which of course- reflects on the fact that you have something to do with Chemistry. Great for those offering Research Chemicals! Isn’t it?


T.Joy is a highly responsive WordPress theme backed by a dark color theme inspired by astronomy. This one is deemed to be a perfect fit for the websites that have anything to do with Science. One of the most striking merits of T.Joy is the presence of the Redux Theme Options. It allows room to carry out extensive customization. The theme has several shortcodes for any type of content.


Don’t be surprised to see this one included in the list. BROS- available both in premium and free versions, is not particularly meant for Science websites but one can easily convert it into a Science journal of sorts with the aid of the wide array of customizable layouts and post formats. The affordable premium version is available for $29 (with which you will be able to get the regular license) and it’s a worthwhile because it is free of the usage restrictions that are a part of the free version.

In the free version you can blog but it is obligatory to keep the sponsored links in the footer.

Are you providing Research Chemicals to scientists and institutions conducting relevant researches? Increase your online visibility by trying out one of these themes for your site.

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