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If first impressions are crucial when it comes to meeting the parents of your date (and they are), it is equally true, when it comes to running a business, that those first impressions make a real difference to how that business is perceived.

The parents may or may not be impressed initially but there’s always time to work on that with a partner’s support. For a business it can be ‘Hello and Goodbye’ if the corporate design just doesn’t work for a prospective client or customer. That means money that could have been flowing in isn’t going to arrive.

Good, professional design for offices is key to making a striking first impression. Clients want to feel instantly that the business is both competent and efficient and will quickly notice if something is not quite right. A business should exude confidence right from the start, and the office and meeting room designs need to reflect this.


Offices can get filled with accessories and the like that simply aren’t necessary. It is important to do away with useless loose papers and out-of-date magazines and use drawers to put habitually used items out of sight. Pens, pencils, and notepads can all give the impression of clutter and detract from the attempt to portray a professional appearance.


Desks have various roles and sometimes need to suit particular company functions, such as desks for those who need space for paper files to work on – for example in a lawyer’s office – and there is a wide range of choices of elegant office furniture that will give the office project that professional image. The choice may depend on the building itself but there are many examples of modern and cutting-edge design that have been incorporated into older buildings so companies can be adventurous and add a touch of class. It’s a good idea to consider consulting a specialist interior designer for additional tips and ideas.


Poor lighting affects both the initial impression a client gets when arriving and the employees. Good lighting is an essential part of image projection but it’s also necessary for employees so they can work comfortably without straining their eyes and experiencing problems later. Constant computer work – the norm for most businesses now – and a poorly lit work environment are likely to lead to difficulties for many members of staff.

Meeting room

A meeting room needs to provide the right ambience and facilities so that everyone feels alert yet comfortable. This is where deals are done so the environment must be conducive. The acoustics need to be good as does access, and stylish furniture can make a significant contribution. Good businesses factor in features such as loops for those with hearing difficulties and wider doors for those who have mobility problems.

Impressing clients

Current clients want to feel the business is professional and potential ones need to get that first impression that really makes a positive, upbeat impact. Getting the corporate design right will help keep those current clients happy and bring in new ones.

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