6 Respected Qualities of a Powerful Leader


Whether in corporate business, education or non-profit companies, those in leadership positions are always looking for ways to become a better and more powerful leader. Those in positions of authority often find themselves taking online classes or attending seminars on how to be more effective in the business world. Countless books are sold every year, with the intent of telling someone how to be successful and in charge.

However, there are six qualities that stand out when looking at what makes someone a respected and powerful leader. 


While not a mandatory trait for any aspect of life, things are easier when someone has a great intellect. The business world demands quick thinking, problem solving skills, and in depth analysis of many situations. Someone who can think out of the box and look at the whole picture, will turn out to be a more effective leader.  

One way to ensure that you stay on top of the game as far is intelligence is concerned is to read and take courses to increase knowledge and expand your ability to reason. Another aspect of intelligence that is vitally importance is emotional IQ. A great leader should be able to read their employees and relate to their intrinsic needs, creating better employees by meeting their needs.

Speaking Skills

One of the most important qualities for a good leader is great speaking skills. This is an attribute that most don’t learn overnight. It takes practice to become an effective speaker, who can deliver his or her message so others will pay attention, not pray that it ends soon. Many of us have sat through boring presentations, wishing we were somewhere else.

It is important to learn the skills that create a great speaker, who can then capture the attention of those in attendance. A captivating audience often results in better networking capabilities, new business partners and more efficient marketing results. For help in becoming the best speaker you can be, it may be worth investing in a public speaking training course. This type of training is conducted by experts in the industry with years of experience, guaranteed to teach leaders of the 21st century how to become effective speakers.

Being a Great Role Model

A good leader always serves as a great role model for their employees. As the saying goes, ‘you must become the change you wish to see’. People look at what someone in authority does, rather than what they say. And it is even more productive if words and actions match! For instance, if you have told your employees lunch is limited to an hour for productivity sake, don’t sneak and take a 2-hour lunch break. Also, don’t ask your employees to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. If you need employees to come in on Saturday to do extra work, they will respect you more if you show up too. Chances are, your employees will work harder, knowing you practice what you preach.

Networking Skills

Whether working in the corporate world or in a non-profit business, networking skills are an added plus. Companies often are more successful when they network with other businesses to achieve their goals. Always remember to recognise those who work with you or contribute to the success of your company.


This quality goes further than just showing them who the boss is. Responsibility translates into owning up to the decisions and finished product, whether an idea or item, whether the end result is good or bad. If something has happened in the company structure, a good manager doesn’t lay blame with those down the line of command. Instead, they will own up to the mistake and finds a way to solve it , showing the employees how to be a responsible leader.


Known by other names such as stubbornness, sticking your nose to the grinding stone or determination, persistence goes a long way in the business world. It is often easy to give up when things get tough, but great leaders see things through to completion. If a goal or task has been set and needs to be completed, a quality that employees admire is the ability for their manager to find a way to achieve the goals. If one thing doesn’t work, try another approach. Persistence will win every time. 

This is not an all-inclusive list, but researchers have generally agreed that these six traits can make or break a great figure of authority. There are countless training programs set on teaching skills intent on creating better leaders, so don’t hesitate to look at what’s out there and get involved. This way, you’ll truly learn how to become a better communicator and public speaker. A better public speaker results in a more confident and effective leader. For other ideas about what makes a respected leader, check out this comprehensive list of 101 qualities.

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