6 Reasons Your Business Needs To Start Teleconferencing


We live in a digital age. And that means that we have more technology available to us than ever before, just waiting to be exploited. One of the most exciting technologies to arrive, from a business perspective, is teleconferencing. The tool has opened up an entire world of possibilities to businesses. And it could open up a world of opportunities for your business too. Here’s why.

Lower Overheads

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of teleconferencing is that holding a teleconference is cheap. Really cheap. And it’s only getting cheaper. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen communication go down in price while getting faster at the same time. It’s a win-win for businesses.

Whereas once you would have had to budget for business travel, now you don’t. Companies who want to be lean can be lean, by implementing some type of teleconferencing system.

It’s Super Easy

As communications technology has advanced, not only has it become cheaper, it’s become easier. It used to be that if you wanted to operate a computer, you needed a PhD. Now practically anybody can use one. The same principle applies to video conferencing too. You can host a teleconference just as easily as you make voice calls.

It’s Greener

Business travel isn’t exactly great for the environment. Right now, thousands of businesspeople are crammed into airliners. And these airliners are burning lots of fossil fuels, hurting the environment. Even if most of your travel is local, you still need to use fossil fuels to get to your destination.

Video conferencing is a much greener technology. Yes, it still needs to be powered. But it uses orders of magnitude less energy than travelling by plane.

It Makes Your Business Nimble

Everybody knows that travelling to and fro between destinations is expensive. But what many businesses forget is that it is also time-consuming. In other words, there’s a significant delay between setting out the problem and finding the solution. Teleconferencing obliterates this delay. You can get down to solving problems almost immediately. Just hook up with you overseas supplier and thrash out whatever issue needs to be addressed.

It Helps You Go Mobile

We’ve all seen how the cloud has transformed how businesses manage their data. It’s allowed companies to access data from any location and at any time. Teleconferencing is doing the same thing, but for people. People can now be accessed anywhere at any time. That means that the office can communicate with people on the road or out in the field.

It’s More Convenient

In the real world, situations can change rapidly. One moment, you had your calendar all set up for the day. The next moment, an issue comes along and destroys your plans. This sort of thing happens all the time in business. In fact, it’s to be expected. But what does that mean for your meetings?

Well, under normal circumstances you’d either had to cancel and rearrange for later in the week. Or you’d have to go to the meeting and then deal with problems afterwards, by which time it might be too late.

But with teleconferencing, you don’t have to make these sorts of zero-sum compromises. You can quickly reschedule meetings, depending on your circumstances.

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