5 Inspirational Design Ideas That’ll Freshen Up Any Boring Office


Have you ever noticed that most people’s offices just seem plain, dull and cold? The problem with such anonymous-looking places is they kill creativity. It’s a well-known fact that our environment helps inspire us. And if you want your staff to feel inspired, plain white walls and brown office furniture won’t help!

It’s likely you are reading this because your office could do with a makeover. But, what should you do? There are infinite options available to you when it comes to style and design. You don’t want to choose the wrong ones. Otherwise, you’ll have to start again!

5 Inspirational Design Ideas That'll Freshen Up Any Boring Office

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Today I want to share with you five inspirational ideas that can transform your office. If you use any of them in your office, feel free to let me know how it worked out for you.

  1. Vivid wall colors

Some may say that you should stick with the default white color when painting the walls of an office space. But, why should we stick to the norm? Why can’t we deviate and opt for something more unique and eye-catching? With the right mix of bold and vivid colors, you can create a warm and inviting workspace.

  1. Contemporary furniture

Have you inherited office furniture that was in fashion back in 1984? If so, it’s time to get rid of it all and start again. Only this time, you want to opt for a more contemporary and modern look!

Places like Arnold’s Office Furniture sell all kinds of cool furniture that you can use. Or, if you wanted to be different, you could make your own desks and chairs by upcycling!

  1. Get rid of your curtains and blinds

Nature has long inspired us in so many different ways. Today, we seem to block out nature by using curtains and blinds in office areas. If you’ve got large windows, you should let natural light bask inside of your office.

5 Inspirational Design Ideas That'll Freshen Up Any Boring Office

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Worried about privacy? The solution is simple: get your windows tinted! Doing so will also offer you UV protection from the sun.

  1. Go for the open plan look

Dividers and walls in offices often stifle creativity. When we want to create something new, we need to share ideas with one another. It’s hard to do that when there are physical barriers in your way!

The open plan look has long been heralded as a fresh and modern approach to work. For times where you need silence, you could always create a “silent zone” (i.e. a meeting room). An open office can be a cool office; it doesn’t have to mean dull!

  1. Create a feature wall

Do you have a large empty wall that doesn’t do much to inspire you and your team? If so, why not turn it into a feature wall! There are plenty of things you can do with it.

For example, you could check out the Magic Murals website and create a wall mural from there. Or you could turn the wall into a giant blackboard and allow staff to show off their artistic side with chalk.

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