5 Best Portable Vaporizers


It is not that you will only get a high if the vaporizers are expensive and the cheap portable vaporizers just don’t perform. Instead you will find that there are several cheap vaporizers, which perform equally well. But, the fact is that you have to do extensive research on the portable vaporizers in order to zero down on the best suitable one for you. The market is opening up and more and more portable vaporizers are doing the rounds to attract buyers. Some of them are quite popular and there are some in the queue, which are making its entry slowly, but steadily in the heart of the people. The portable units are providing the freedom of vaporizing to the users wherever and whenever they wish to. The numbers of portable units are increasing by the day as the users are enjoying their vape freedom all the way.

5 Best Portable Vaporizers

Here we are listing some of the best portable vaporizers for you.

  1. Magic Flight Launch Box – This Magic Flight Launch Box is a tiny unit, which is half the size of a credit card. The mechanism is simple and produces decent vapor as well. The price is not that high, instead it is on the cheaper side and due to its small size it is highly portable as well. The vapor that it produces can be easily compared to that of the expensive units. You can push in the battery and start using the unit. As it doesn’t have any heat settings, therefore, the vaporization process starts right away.
  2. DaVinci Vaporizer – It is one of the most preferred vaporizer of all. The unit is small, but it comes equipped with all advanced technologies. The design is good and the display shows you the temperature attained digitally. The making material is bendable, so, you don’t have to worry about breakage or something. It is technically sound and is pretty simple to use, therefore all the vape enthusiasts find it quite appealing.
  3. Arizer Air – It is one of the best portable vaporizers to arrive in recent times. The unit is easy to use and comes with some amazing features. The battery is a huge worry for the users, but if you are using this Arizer Air vaporizer, then you won’t have to worry any further. It comes with the option of a replaceable battery; therefore you can purchase extra batteries and keep them fully charged to keep your vaping experience going on.
  4. The Ascent – The Ascent is highly versatile and is filled with numbers of customization levels. As per your personal preferences you can tailor make your experience. If you want, you can opt for thin vapor or you can simply go with the thick vapor so that it lingers for long.
  5. Vapman Vaporizer – The highest grade of material is used to build the Vapman Vaporizer. It operates manually providing you the complete freedom of having the control over the quality of the vapor. This allows you to enjoy the vapor to a large extent, rather than its consumption.

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