15 Useful Shortcode Plugins For WordPress


Shortcodes perform many tasks in WordPress, otherwise we would have to work on code-level. We introduce you to 15 useful Shortcode plugin for WordPress that save you a lot of time and extend the capabilities of end users.

1. WP Category List Widget

WP Category List Widget

WP Category List Widget is a WordPress widget and shortcode plugin that can filter the posts by category. The plugin has a title teaser and preview which can be adjusted visually by adding individual CSS classes.

2. Last Updated shortcode

Last Updated shortcode

The Last Updated shortcode outputs the date and / or time at which a post was last modified. The short codes can format the date and time, and text it before and after the changing date.

3. Arconix Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes

This plugin can quickly and easily provide different styled boxes, buttons, Tabs, Accordions, lists, and many more to create.

4. Snippets WordPress Plugin

Snippets WordPress Plugin

Sometimes it is necessary to reveal the same information in different places. It is much better to store the content in one place and accordingly involve Shortcodes. With the Snippets WordPress plugin that is now possible. In the WordPress backend Snippets can be created with for any content like text, images or even other shortcodes and snippets.

5. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate

With Shortcodes Ultimate we can create Buttons, boxes, different sliders, tabs, and many more things. This plugin consist over 30 Shortcodes and its own CSS editor, and is available in nine different languages.

6. ShortcoderShortcoder

With Shortcoder can custom Shortcodes which are created in a separate visual editor. This HTML includes JavaScript or other snippets. In addition, the plugin can pass additional parameters to the snippets, providing an extremely flexible application which is possible.

7. Shortcode Exec Pro

Shortcode Exec Pro

Shortcode Exec Pro can create Shortcodes for the execution of arbitrary PHP code. The short codes can then be integrated into posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds. With the settings of this plugin it can be limited.

8. FX Image shortcode

FX Image shortcode

With FX Image shortcode, images with different styles and features are provided. Different sizes, styles, overlays and icons are defined. It includes all descriptive texts and their styling.

9. WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes is a free plugin, which has over 20 different Shortcodes knack projects. It even includes the accordions, tabs, buttons, lists and many more. To the existing Shortcodes plugin also offers its own short code editor.

10. TextBin


WordPress stores easily Posts and meta-data. But what to do with the little bits of information such as phone numbers, opening times, or email addresses to appear on multiple pages. TextBin stores this information and pass it from the specified location with Shortcodes.

11. Lorem Ipsum shortcode

Lorem Ipsum shortcode

Lorem Ipsum shortcode does exactly what you’d expect from the title of the plugin. It generates dummy text and images with the Shortcodes.

12. Display Posts Shortcode

Display Posts Shortcode

The Display Posts shortcode plugin has programming knowledge or the need to adjust the template to a list of posts within a page or other Posts are issued. In addition to the post title can include the date, a picture and a text accepted will be invited inside. Such a WordPress plugin you can write with AJAX itself, or Display Posts Shortcode download for free directly.

13. Short Code Developer

Shortcode Developer

The shortcode Developer plugin provides a user friendly interface for creating customized Shortcodes. Each Shortcode consists of a name, a list of attributes and the PHP code that is used to generate the corresponding HTML output necessary. The Shortcodes which are stored in the functions.php are thus not dependent on the theme and can be adapted relatively flexible.

14. WP DataTables

wp DataTables

With WP DataTables creates tables in a rapid, simple and efficient way. This plugin is needed to create rich, multi-functional tables with functions such as sort or PDF conversion to WordPress with a single line of code written. In this case, the plugin can relate to many data sources such as CSV, XML, JSON, and mySQL queries.

15. jCountdownjCountdown

jCountdown for WordPress is a flexible plugin for creating short codes for countdown in different styles, which can be included in posts, pages or sidebars.

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