The new release of WordPress 3.2 brings a slew of interesting features, including a new theme, a facelift for the Admin UI, new fullscreen composing modes and more.

In the new WordPress 3.2, Internet Explorer 6 is no longer be supported.

The WordPress 3.2 promises speed and performance fixes “like you wouldn’t believe,” a more useful admin bar, and notifications about browser updates. The “distraction-free writing” mode gives users fullscreen composing capabilities for both HTML and visual modes.

The new default theme for WordPress 3.2 is Twenty Eleven. It features rotating header images and post format support, among other goodies.


new fullscreen mode style
new fullscreen mode style - click image for larger size

The focus for this release was making WordPress faster and lighter. The first thing you’ll notice when you log in to 3.2 is a refreshed dashboard design that tightens the typography, design, and code behind the admin.

If you’re starting a new blog, you’ll also appreciate the fully HTML5 new Twenty Eleven theme.

Redesigned post editor and venture to the full-screen button in the editing toolbar to enter the new distraction-free writing or zen mode.

All of the widgets, menus, buttons, and interface elements fade away to allow you to compose and edit your thoughts in a completely clean environment conducive to writing, but when your mouse strays to the top of the screen your most-used shortcuts are right there where you need them. (I like to press F11 to take my browser full-screen, getting rid of even the OS chrome.)


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New wordpress 3.2 menu style



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