How Wix Helps Its Users Be on Top of the SEO World


The internet has become the best tool to showcase one’s professional work. Building a website to be connected with the international audience and potential customers sounds exciting. Knowing that a website can help you generate a higher Return on Investment (ROI) is one reason why you have to start creating a web page that would help achieve this goal.

There are various ways to build a website. Wix is known as an easy-to-use cloud-based web development platform. The drag-and-drop feature and the reliability of Wix make it quite a famous brand among other website builders. Millions of users worldwide rely on Wix for their web and mobile sites.

Basic Facts That You Need to Know About Wix for Your SEO Needs

Wix has been around since 2006. Because of its user-friendly website building tools, its user-base has jumped from thousands to millions. It is considered as an all-inclusive website builder because of its features that are beneficial to the different niche of businesses.

Features That Will Give Your Site a Flair

No matter how good your web page content is, it will be dulled if you cannot make your visitors stay. The first impression may not last, but it definitely counts. Based on a research, it takes only 1/10 of a second before people make judgments on the credibility and attractiveness of what they see. According to a Journal on Behaviour and Information Technology, web designers only have this fraction of a second to convince people that a site is worth it.

It is a good thing that the developers of Wix seem to be aware of this. They are continuously upgrading the features of their platform to make sure that users will always have something new to use to impress their online visitors. The following are some of the features they have developed to help you have a better website.

  1. New Glide-In or Bounce-In Animations for images and texts
  2. Column layout for a smarter and organized look
  3. Lightbox feature that gives you the opportunity to have more subscribers, welcome guests, offer your promotions, and more
  4. Clickable call-to-action that allows visitors to call you directly by using the link on your site
  5. Mobile App that will let you seamlessly manage your online page wherever you are
  6. Different new and customizable Menu Designs for your mobile site
  7. Add a dash of spice to the online experience of your visitors by using the new scroll effects.
  8. Google maps’ design that is capable of using different graphic colors so that clients can easily see where your store is
  9. Highlight your promotions, special events, and collection by using the slideshow.
  10. Revolutionize your website creation with the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

These are the new features from Wix, but they got a lot more to offer with their apps. You may opt to get the Instagram feed app so you can share your Instagram videos and messages. This way, you can easily reach the millions of Instagram users who are possible clients for your business. The other applications that they offer are games, Flipbook, free call, Wix events, Wix videos, and different fonts. You may visit Wix’s website to learn more about the said applications.

How Wix Provides the Best SEO for Its Clients

Promoting one’s business depends on how well the website has been marketed. It concerns the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) job done for a particular website. A web developer platform that also takes care of its SEO needs is a big help to website owners because this is what they need. How well do Wix SEO tools serve this purpose? To get a decent answer to this, we have to be a little bit technical.

1. SEO and user-friendly URL

Wix covers all the basic SEO settings and is considered to be search engine-friendly. The recent updates have paved way to the creation of a more user-friendly URL. Wix used to have hashbang symbols, but these were removed to help facilitate a more professional look at the URLs. Instead of having “#” and “!”and numbers, your URL now looks simpler and easy to remember.

With Wix SEO, the address can be customized and it can contain words or phrases that are search engine-friendly. Wix also allows the user to optimize all the fundamental SEO functions like meta descriptions, meta tags, titles, and keywords for each web page.

2. Importance of Meta Tags for Search Engine Information

Meta tags usually include the page title and page description. While this is not visible to your website visitors, it plays an important role in the search engine algorithms. Your site’s homepage meta tags are used by Google to identify if your webpage is related the search and is worth displaying in their results. Incomplete meta tags will prompt the search engines to look for another website that they deem more relevant to the keyword search.

Meta tags provide readers with an idea about the content of their page. At Wix, they automatically submit it to Google. All the website owners have to do is to make sure that their website information is updated.

3. Wix Makes Sure That Your Loading Time Is Improved

How can you impress your visitors if your website takes forever to load? Chances are they would just leave and look for another website. Wix knows that the loading time of your webpage is important; thus, they use different methods that will maximize the loading time of your site. Some of these are:

a. Automatic Image Optimization

Wix automatically resizes the images you upload to its optimal quality that would help in the loading time of your page. Web owners may forget about the hassle of manual resizing of images because Wix takes care of it for them.

b. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cache servers exist in different geographical locations. Wix makes sure that your web content is delivered from the closest cache server in sight to facilitate faster loading.

c. DDoS Attack Defense

In the web world, there is a circumstance called Direct Denial of Service attack or more known as DDOS attack. When this happens, the servers are overloaded and may react slowly or not at all. Wix is ready for these kinds of attacks so using a Wix domain means DDOS attacks are minimized on your site.

4. Adding Alt Text to Your Images

Images and videos cannot be read by the search engines, however there is a way of providing information about the contents of your images. This can happen thanks to the attribute Alt text, this helps Google and other search engines understand the contents of your image, so that they can come up in the SERP’s for relevant user’s queries. Wix sees to it that you will not forget to do this by providing you a chance to tell Google, in the form of Alt Text, what is in the image or video on your site.

Wix provides guidelines to users to increase the loading speed of their website. The most interesting part about using Wix is that the websites created on this platform are automatically search engine optimized both for the web and mobile searches. The Wix Mobile Editor tutorial helps users to ensure their websites look exactly according to their requirements on mobile screens. Even the images can be optimized properly by following the basic SEO guidelines using Wix SEO tools. These features help millions of Wix users for the SEO needs of their websites. . If you’d like to get even more information about Wix SEO, check out this Wix SEO review by

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