Windows vs Apple: Are Macs A Better Choice For Your Workplace?


Windows vs Apple: Are Macs A Better Choice For Your Workplace?


Whether you have a home office or manage a workplace, you want the best work machines for maximum productivity. Most people go with Windows computers. After all, there are plenty of cheap options, and many businesses use Microsoft software. But remember, this isn’t the only option. Recent figures show that many companies are turning to Macs.

While both Apple and Windows products are capable of handling a range of work operations, there are many factors which set them apart. A lot of the time, the choice will come down to preference. But there are many things you should consider before you go with one or the other. Here are some of the reasons why Macs may be a better choice for your business.

Ease Of Use

Apple software is known for its usability. Even those who have barely used computers before can quickly get up to speed with an iMac or MacBook. They’re aimed at general consumers as opposed to tech experts. A range of accessibility options makes them suitable for anyone.

Windows machines are capable of doing more, but also have a much more complicated operating system. When a technical error happens on a Mac, it can usually be diagnosed and treated quickly due to all systems being the same. Windows computers come in a variety of models and errors can be much harder to figure out.

Although they’re easy to use, many people are already used to Windows. Additionally, the ease of use may not be your primary focus. Companies with complicated technical operations might prefer Windows systems for their greater versatility.

Software Available

Windows vs Apple: Are Macs A Better Choice For Your Workplace?


The software available for each system is the main thing that separates the two. Windows PCs are capable of more processing power and better for multitasking. But both are highly capable for work use.

While you’ll need a Windows PC to run Microsoft Office software such as Word and Excel, Mac has its own alternatives. Mac also has some exclusive software Windows users will miss out on. A lot of software packages are available for both systems, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

Many business operations are now carried out with cloud computing. You can use cloud software on both Windows and Macs, from any browser. For example, you might want to check out Mac cloud storage reviews for your data. A lot of companies use Google Docs for creating easy-to-share work files. Cloud software can also be used from home, making work more accessible.

The choice might come down to what your business does. Video or sound production companies using Sony software will need Windows machines. Some companies have been using the same Windows-based software for years and find it easier to stick to it. A survey found that software developers preferred Mac. They’re also commonly used for things like graphic design.

It’s also worth noting that Macs can emulate Windows through Apple’s Boot Camp software. This will let you run Windows software on a Mac, so arguably it’s just as versatile.


One of the most prominent reasons a company might choose Macs over Windows PCs is that they’re much less vulnerable. Most experts agree that Mac has the safer operating system. Malware and viruses target Windows machines much more often. While Mac is also prone to some viruses, they’re generally found and counteracted quicker.

That’s not to say that Mac users are completely safe. Security can still be breached if employees fall for things like phishing attacks. Your network will still need security measures. However, you’re much less likely to catch viruses using a Mac.

Whichever system you use, it’s important to have security software in case of bugs. You should also ensure employees are trained to ignore suspicious emails and not to download untrusted software.


Windows vs Apple: Are Macs A Better Choice For Your Workplace?


On the whole, Macs are more expensive than Windows computers. You can get work computers with Windows 10 relatively cheap, making it a preferable option for businesses operating on a budget. But while Macs are often more expensive, there’s more to the value. Apple is one of the largest companies in the world and is hailed for excellent customer service.

If you have a problem with a Mac machine, you can get free repairs in the Genius Bar of your local Apple Store. They also offer great warranty cover, and Macs retain their value well. You’ll want to prolong the life of your business gadgets, so Macs are preferable to Windows PCs in this sense.

While you may get Windows machines for cheaper, I.T. support and repairs can often cost more. Warranty coverage can vary depending on where you buy from. But either way, it’s unlikely you’ll get customer service as consistent and reliable as Apple’s.

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