Why One Should Prefer Custom Logo Design for a Startup


More than any other aspect of a business, the logo is absolutely crucial in grabbing people’s interest, letting people know what the company is about, and, ultimately, determining how likely people are to investigate the business further. This is especially true in the 21st century, when people’s attention spans are shorter and the virtually infinite wealth of information provides makes a person focusing on a block of text or even a slogan a much rarer occurrence.

Especially in the past few years, as social media and Kickstarter campaigns have made it easier to make something from nothing in terms of web presence, web-based startups have become more common. As a result, companies like Designhill have caught the crowdsourcing wave to offer good design to customers who might not have had access otherwise.

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Below is a list of a few reasons why it is particularly important for startups to pursue a custom designed logo.

  • You Will Get More Use Out of It – The first reason is the most obvious one: you will get a better period of use to money spent ratio when you get your custom logo early on. For a price as fantastically low as $5, your startup can collaborate one on one with a logo designer who will give you his expert advice as to what would constitute a good logo for your specific company. If you find someone to help you design a great custom logo early in your business’s run, those few dollars you spend will pay off for the entire lifespan of your business.
  • It Establishes Consistency – Creating a logo early on and sticking with that logo will establish a brand image that never changes through the years. Some startups go with the cheap option of a generic, non-custom logo when they are a brand new enterprise, and then choose to actually spend some money on a custom logo only once they have begun to turn a profit. This may seem like the more cost-efficient way to go, but it is actually very confusing and off-putting when a business changes their logo, the face of their brand, and it may deter those who have supported the business from the get-go.
  • The Vision Is Still Fresh – When a business is new, the mission and vision that the enterprise was founded upon are still clear and pure in the founder’s mind. As the enterprise grows and more of the harsh realities of the business world begin to alter the shape of the organization, it can be hard to keep the initial vision from becoming convoluted in one’s mind. Because of this natural phenomenon, it is best to find a logo that, through custom logo design, perfectly fits the original vision while it is still untarnished.
  • It Can Guide Future Growth – This point is closely related to the one above. A good custom logo design captures the essence of the business, what attitude it wants to convey, and what kind of customers it can serve. This is a lot to pack into a small and elegantly simple logo, yet it will be clear if done right. Such a logo can act as a kind of simplified mission statement for your company. It can serve as a lasting reminder of the kind of service you want to offer, and it will keep your business on track as it expands and diversifies through the years. Most importantly, it can act as an inspiration for the company’s founders as they guide their decisions guide the organization’s future.
  • Those In Charge Have More Say – During a company’s infancy, the founders control everything, meaning that they have the first and last say in all decisions regarding the company. During this time, they will be able to collaborate closely with a designer to fabricate a logo they feel is fitting to the company and what they want it to represent. As a company grows, so does the number of people it employs, and, in turn, the thickness of the barrier between the founder and the decisions made. In a larger company, issuing a verdict on something like logo design is more of a process and requires input from more people. Because of this, founders have more say over what they want the face of their business to look like if they choose to adopt a custom logo sooner rather than later.

The reasons listed above are just some of the rationales startups should use for choosing custom logo design. You can choose to collaborate one on one with a designer or utilize services like custom logo design by Designhill that harness the power of crowdsourcing to provide you with boundless options for logos proposed by designers from all over the world! Either way, it is easy and surprisingly inexpensive for a startup to create and adopt a professional-looking and form-fitting new face for itself.

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