Why Corporate Videos Are Heating Up the Marketing Scene


The sun is setting on television-based advertising, but even as commercials wane in popularity and efficacy, another video advertisement is coming into its own: the corporate video.

Why Corporate Videos Are Heating Up the Marketing Scene

As companies around the world move their marketing strategies online, the corporate video — a Web-optimized informative (and, ideally, catchy) clip — is quickly becoming the trendiest medium for them to spread their messages. Here are some fast and easy reasons why corporate videos are the new go-to marketing tactic for companies big and small.

Low Budget, High Quality

It is a myth that companies need hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a worthwhile video. As technology has increased so has the quality of recording equipment. Inexpensive tools and software — manned by knowledgeable, experienced visual storytellers — can feasibly create stunning videos worthy of big and small screens alike. Plus, a short clip destined for the Web usually requires only a week or two of studio time, which also keeps costs low. “Corporate video” is no longer synonymous with “poor-quality filmmaking.”

Clear Message, Short Time

The modern consumer has an extraordinarily short attention span. Just as you are untenably busy juggling your unending work responsibilities with your social and home lives, your buying audience barely has enough time to sit down and check their email, let alone devote energy to understanding your complex brand in all its myriad forms on- and offline.

That’s why the Web-optimized corporate video is so valuable. Setting aside sales-oriented advertisements that better suit television than the Internet, you can craft short videos that tell consumers exactly who you are and what you stand for without wasting anyone’s time or energy. Instead of using vague language, you can provide real information in short, digestible snippets your audience will eat right up — and share with their friends.

Corporate Videos Marketing


When your content is available online, you can be sure it will go far and wide. The Internet was made for sharing, and your company’s loyal fans will take whatever information you provide and spread it around to their friends, family members, and other Web users.

Traditional media, such as television and print, don’t allow this generous sharability, which means your marketing department must work extra hard to make their material memorable and noteworthy. Yet, with corporate videos posted on popular social media sites, you can work with your audience to build an online presence that won’t soon be forgotten.

Additionally, the more content you have online, the more search engines like Google associate certain keywords with your brand. As your online corporate videos become more popular, you will rise on the search page and pull in an even bigger audience. If you haven’t tapped into any online marketing before, a catchy video is an excellent way to start.

What is Corporate Videos Marketing

Unending Uses

Television-based advertisements have a single use: selling. However, as they are primarily informative in nature, corporate videos can be used over and over in diverse contexts.

Videos can be used to train new employees on the essence of the company, unite your workforce under a single mission statement, entice new business partners at the start of presentations, and more. You should be able to cut and reorganize your video to suit various purposes, so your investment will never go stale.

Bonus: Ideas for Your Corporate Video

You shouldn’t expect to hire a film company and walk away with a five-star, viral video a week later. Before you begin writing and filming, you should brainstorm, research, and outline ideas to include in your video. As noted throughout this post, online videos should never be predominantly promotional in tone and content; instead, you should focus on providing real benefit with your content. Here are some simple suggestions to jumpstart your video marketing strategy.

  • Tutorials and tips. Your company has plenty of trade secrets, and your audience wants to know them. By publishing videos of related tips, consumers will think of you when they are ready to buy.
  • Fan-generated content. Modern consumers clamor for connection and interaction, and there is no better way to give it to them than neatly packaged in a delightful video. You can take suggestions for topics, or you can even hand the reins to your fans and publish their videos on your sites.
  • Micro-videos. Though the trend has frequently risen and fallen in the past few years, extremely short videos — 10 seconds or less — regularly go viral around the Web. These videos are even cheaper to make, but you have to be quicker and catchier than ever before.

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