Volta Sound Block – Bison Horn Amplifier


Volta Sound Block

Really what would we do without music? I’m listening to it everyday. It provides the exact kind of ambient inspiration I need when working. Of course that means having something small yet powerful enough to really make all the money I’ve spent on music worth it. If you want small, unique and weird enough sound amplifier for iPhone then you should enter the Volta Sound Block design by Voltasound.

Volta Sound Block is made to dock the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 or maybe iPhone 6. According to this post, the Volta Sound Block entirely handcrafted in solid block of Northwest Alder and has actual Bison horn to amplify the iPhone’s audio. This unique sound amplifier requires no chargers or Bluetooth connectivity, all you need to do is dock the iPhone into the amplifier and enjoy maximum volume in best quality possible.

The Bison horn is attached to the Sound Block using Neodymium magnets that allow the horn to hold firmly when in use, and to be easily mounted or dismounted for easy transportation.

Volta Sound Block Photos

Volta Sound Block Volta Sound Block Volta Sound Block Volta Sound Block Volta Sound Block Volta Sound Block


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