Using Brochures to Increase Brand Awareness


Using Brochures to Increase Brand Awareness

While deals mainly with web-based designs and SEO techniques in regards to marketing strategies the art of print marketing shouldn’t be ignored. Much like the interactive flip books discussed in the Tips section of the blog, brochures are a great way to engage with potential customers. Brochures are also a great way to promote brand awareness in order to gain new customers and retain current ones. An example of quality work can be seen through’s A4 brochure printing service.

Benefits of a Brochure

In a mainly digital era print marketing strategies, like brochures, can prove to be a great way to stand out from the competition. For this reason print marketing is actually predicted to be one of the top marketing trends to watch in 2015 in terms of B2B marketing along with other forms of “old school” marketing.

Print brochures have a number of benefits to a business and are actually quite versatile. They are, of course, a great form of general promotion for products or services. If your business is located in an area with a large amount of foot traffic you can choose to hand out brochures as a form of advertising or you can choose to send them out to a set list of people that will benefit from the information in the literature.

For example, a brochure like the A4 brochure from Print-Print can be rather large (anywhere from eight to 40 pages). Since it will have plenty of room for information you can choose to use this brochure formatting to offer helpful advice and tips regarding a service you offer or you can educate your potential customers on specific things in regards to your service. For instance, if you run a medical centre you can discuss new vaccines or procedures that your practice is utilising. The brochures can also be used as instruction manuals. The A4 brochure printing service can also be used to discuss company events or exhibitions. They can also be used as programs for an event itself.

How to Make Design a Brochure

Making a brochure through a company like Print-Print isn’t as large of a job as it may sound. Start by considering your print options. You can go through paper weights and finishes to get the exact look and feel you want for your brochure. At this point you should also select how many pages you want your A4 brochure to be, how many copies you want (between 500 and 5,000) and whether you want a glossy or matte finish on the cover of your literature.

After choosing your print options you can begin to personalise the brochure to fit your company and your marketing purpose. If you already have a design in mind, you can simply upload it to by sending your artwork as a PDF file. If you’re unsure about your brochure’s design you browse free templates on the Print-Print website to help guide you. Throughout the design process you can also choose to contact a representative from Print-Print with any questions. To ensure that your brochure comes out properly Print-Print will look over your design to make sure that it meets all of the criteria necessary to print properly; if there are any issues you’ll be contacted to resolve the issue before your brochure goes to printing.

For an additional cost you can also choose to use one of the available pre-design templates where all you’ll need to do is supply the text and pictures and the brochure will be created for you. There are also bespoke design services available.

If you’re interested in using print marketing to increase your brand’s reach and appeal, consider services like the A4 brochure service from for quality work.

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