Uscreen Review – a Simple Way to Build Your Own Netflix & Distribute Videos Online                                                 


Marketing is the most important aspect of any company willing to prosper in business world. Companies no longer prefer wasting their capital in newspaper marketing or any other cliche marketing techniques.

This is 2016 and marketing more or less revolves around video and graphical marketing, which, companies believe is more eye catching and has the ability to go viral. You will see YouTubers promoting products from other companies, which is a big part of marketing their products.

But what if you are the video creator? How do you market yourself and distribute your videos apart from hoping that YouTube will promote your video?

Video creators have to face difficulties like bandwidth speed, storing high quality videos which are very large in size, copyright of tunes, payments and other marketing costs. How can one go about all these hassles?

This is where Uscreen comes handy. Uscreen is a new online video streaming service, or say tool, which allows creative minds and content creators like us to delegate all these extra work to automation handling. Uscreen helps you distribute the video globally, anywhere, to anyone in form of paid subscriptions, rentals or one off purchases.

On the other hand, YouTube doesn’t give much monetisation and distribution options apart from CPC ads. Uscreen’s dashboard provides creators with required tools and features for branding and delivery of videos similar to a subscription website. Uscreen comes handy for people who have made a brand out of themselves and would like to create their own website with a subscription based video delivery, like popular music artists do.

Best Features of Uscreen:

  • Upload anything

Uscreen is simply a video hosting and streaming platform and therefore you can host any videos, audio, podcasts and even PDFs and documents for you to sell via rental, subscription or one off purchases. Isn’t it amazing?

  • No Limit on Bandwidth

Video streaming and document downloads require way too much bandwidth and this drawback of video streaming sites has been completely eliminated with Uscreen. Uscreen can handle even 100 GB of data transfer per minute.

  • Tools for Promotion

There are many tools similar to Uscreen. But hardly anyone provides proper tools for marketing and promotion of your content, apart from hosting it. Uscreen even allows you to create custom coupons for that special promotion on New Year’s eve. Some more tools include:

  1. Create coupons for a fix amount or percentage of discount.
  2. Make the use of coupon just once.
  3. Set the use of coupon for only select few content.
  • Affiliate Marketing

Uscreen allows you to make your own Affiliate store so that people who think you make helpful and promising videos will promote your content for them to earn a small commission out of your sale. This is a very major feature for free, word of mouth promotion of your content.

  • Multi Currency Support

Are you from Japan, India, US, Europe, China or any other country? It doesn’t matter because you can accept payment in any major world currency.

  • Performance

Uscreen is Mobile Friendly and provides 100% uptime so you never miss that important customer.

This is how Uscreen’s dashboard looks like from inside

Uscreen Review- A simple way to build your own Netflix & Distribute Videos Online

Once you have purchased Uscreen’s service, this is how your store will look like to your users and audience.

Uscreen Review- A simple way to build your own Netflix & Distribute Videos Online

Does Uscreen look promising to you for creating your own store which includes Videos, podcasts, PDFs or that amazing eBook you wrote? For the competitive price that Uscreen’s offers, it is definitely worth trying it out with their 14 day free trial. Let us know your thoughts on this content distribution, marketing and sales website in the comment section below and share it if you think it would be helpful to your creative content creator friends.

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