Undeniable Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO


We’ve recently seen a glut of articles arguing that SEO is dead. In fact, just type “SEO is dead” into your Google search box, and you’ll soon find out that it’s a big topic.

But is SEO actually dead? The short answer is no. The big mistake many commentators have made is not recognising the difference between SEO dying and SEO evolving. SEO is still here (obviously). It’s just that it’s now a very different animal. Search engine operators are constantly looking for ways to refine their algorithms to match what consumers want. This has necessarily led to changes in how search engines work, and by extension, how SEO must work.

SEO is still a game-changing process. And it’s still something in which your business should be investing. Here’s why.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Businesses are in a constant process of discovery. Every day they receive new information on tastes, wages, prices and expectations of all three. The business world is in constant in flux. And, because of that, so is SEO.

If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’ll actually start falling behind. Your competitors won’t take a break from SEO because search queries and algorithms change all the time. They’ll reap the rewards while your business languishes.

You Can Tailor It To Your Industry

SEO isn’t just something that can be done by computer whizzes alone. It’s something that requires specific knowledge of specific sectors. The way that customers search for electronics products is different from the was that they search for lawyers. That means that there is a type of SEO for online vendors and type of SEO for lawyers.

Choosing the right type of SEO for your industry will give you the best chance of getting a significant leg up on your competitors.

SEO Is Here To Stay

Many businesses are put off investing in SEO just because of how fast digital technology moves. Yes, it might be great today, but will it still be useful five years down the line? In five years time, will people even still use search? Or will they just search using voice, images or video?

While all these things are possible, even likely, the problem remains: how to get your content in front of customers. And no matter how searches are conducted, there will still be ways to optimise this process.

Search Engines Are Becoming Dominant

Something like 90 percent of customers now read reviews online before making a purchase. This means that searching for products online is fast becoming the dominant way that people find out about products. When they do, you want your business to be at the top of the queue. That’s why SEO is likely to become more, not less, important in the future.

The Rise Of Mobile

Mobile is fast becoming the preferred form of interacting with the internet. In fact, the amount of bandwidth used by mobile devices has already exceeded that used by desktops.

Mobile users often make different search queries, just because of the nature of their devices. Businesses need to be savvy of these subtle differences and adjust their SEO accordingly.

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