Transfer Files Quickly From Android to Browser Desktop Using Push-to-Chrome


PushBullet, an app for quickly transferring information from your Android device, has added support for pushing data and files to Chrome.

According to latest update from their blog, users that want to use this new feature need to update the PushBullet Chrome plugin to take advantages of the new feature. After installing PushBullet Chrome Plugin, you can send notes, links, lists, pictures and files back and forth between your desktop browser and Android devices.


What can I push to Chrome?

You can push anything to Chrome that you’re already able to push to Android. This means getting a link or reminder onto your computer is now easy and fast, sending a todo list to your computer now only takes a second, and you can even push pictures and files right from your phone to your Chrome securely from anywhere in the world.

Image Credit: ShutterStock

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