Top Ten Benefits of Online Classified Ad Portal


Gone were the years where the Internet was only used for gaming, surfing and sharing interests or seek information. Today, people are increasing who choose to purchase products and services through Internet, searching and comparing the best options and features offered as well as pricing and payment alternatives.

Nowadays, any business can benefit from online classified ad portal. If you want to offer your product or service, post a classified ad online is an excellent option. In this article we want to highlight several benefits of online classified ad portal. Make sure you check it out below and share your thought in comment section below.


Top Ten Benefits of Online Classified Ad Portal

1. Easy to reach public

You can reach a lot of people quickly. As it’s more effective and less expensive than other forms of advertising. With classified ad website you can promote and sell almost everything, if you have any stuff for sale, you can start promoting it on classified ad website.


2. Easily available

The search is easy and is the best marketing strategy today.


3. Post variety of Items

It’s very effective to advertise a wide variety of items (even used), such as clothing, appliances, among others, as well as for services like search and advertising jobs.


4. No investment

You can make your product or stuff you like to sell accessible and known anywhere in the world without having to invest a sum of money.


5. Suitable to everyone

Anyone can use it. Does not belong to companies or businesses, but anyone can get the opportunity to participate in the publication or in the search. It allows quick search by category or keyword, providing instant access to any related ad.


6. Easy to Use

This is one of the main benefits of online classified portal. Many classified ad portal offers user the ability to create good listing, you can be more precise about descriptions and also allows the use of interesting images and videos. This features help buyer to get more information about the product.


7. Conveniently target the customers

It also allows you to reach your target market or buyers easily. For example, if you want to advertise your collection of antiques and collectibles, you can search the website providing free classified ads in your place of residence and market the products accordingly.

Our tips: Head over to if you looking for a good classified ad portal that dedicated to South Africa.


8. Low cost

When advertising on free online classified ad, you can reach a very large market without no cost. Contrary to other advertising option such as television or other type of online advertising that you must pay small amount of fee.


9. SEO benefit

Advertisers may get a backlink, also known as inbound link direct to their own website. In SEO point of view, good inbound links can help improve Google ranking. By posting your website link, you not just get free backlink but you also can increase traffic to your website.


10. Get targeted audience

Connecting to the internet is fast and easy, nowadays people turn to the worldwide web for information. By posting an advertisement through the online classified portal, there is a better chance that your ad or product being viewed by the targeted audience.

  1. Vijesh says

    Nice article Jason these days online classified portals are raising due to the fact that people want stuff for cheap and also to sell their stuff without much effort for a good price.
    In India some of the classified portals like Olx, Quikr are just some of the top most visited websites of India…

  2. Vishnu says

    Nice article jason , Classfied portal help internet users to bring there product and business online for free , help them in marketing and also bring traffic to there website ,

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