Top Places To Visit In Europe


Europe is the home of Western civilisation and has a rich cultural history. In fact, it’s probably the richest and most culturally varied region on Earth.

Europe plays host to everything, from the great monuments of ancient Athens to the rolling Umbria countryside. It truly is a place of depth and contrast, and somewhere that is calling out to be explored.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of European locations that you might want to put on your bucket list.


Mayrhofen is a beautiful little skiing resort smack in the middle of Austria. It’s located at the foot of a group of Alpine peaks that play host to some of the country’s finest skiing facilities.

The town itself is set in an idyllic valley carpeted almost entirely of grass. If you’re used to a place with lots of fences and farming, Mayrhofen will create quite an impression. There is practically no farming, and the entire town has an open plan feel. It’s like the enclosure movement never found its way to Austria.

Granted, there probably isn’t much point making the trip to the town unless you’re going to ski. But it does offer some great restaurants and a fantastic nightlife for such a small, remote place.

The Dordogne

The Dordogne is located in South West France around the town of Bergerac. The region itself is famed for its beautiful traditional cuisine and epic landscape.

The Dordogne river has carved a course through the area’s bedrock over geological time. In the process, it has created beautiful canyons. It’s best enjoyed by boat, and you can hire a canoe or a kayak from one of the river’s many vendors. Just be wary, temperatures can get hot during the day. And boating down the river can be very physical. So take some refreshments.


Top Places To Visit In Europe


Many people are conflicted about the Rome as a destination. Yes, it plays host to some of the classical world’s finest architecture. And yes, it is the home of St Paul’s Basilica. But the city itself has suffered from successive, corrupt and socialist Italian governments. As a result, much of the city, outside of the tourist areas, is run down.

Thanks to strict labour laws, many people in the city are without work and the prices of food and drink are sky high.

Having said that, if you can escape the carnage caused by the Italian authorities, the ancient city is a marvel. You can tour the Colosseum and then take a trip to the city to view the Roman Forum. Then you can visit the famous Trevi fountain designed by Nicola Salvi.


Amsterdam is a city with a little bit of a reputation. But it’s social liberty shouldn’t put you off the city. In fact, it is part of what makes Amsterdam such a safe place to live.

Owing to the city’s openness and tolerance the city plays host to an eclectic culture. Practically every week there is some significant event that draws hordes to the city’s cosmopolitan centre. If you’re somebody that likes to get involved with alternative culture, Amsterdam is a place you should visit.

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