Top Navigation Apps for Android


The navigation plays a very key role in travelling. Travelling in unknown places? Then have a android smart phone which enables the best navigation system to reach the destinations. With the navigation system you can find any spot on the earth. But it make sense depending on having the best navigation system. Having an android smart phone adding to occasional small trips you will make the trip easier, safer and simply fun.

The apps that make android more famous among the navigation are:

Google Maps Navigation:

Top Navigation Apps for Android

The google map navigations provide accurate position of the thing. The app comes with pre loaded navigation system of the android smart phone. The system is same as google maps with slight changes which are minute. It has a separate app for navigation indicating by blue arrow. It offers an additional option when tapping the blue arrow, that is it asks the option of choosing text or speech.

The text resembles of entering the places names and speech offers by operating through voice commands. It asks for speech software installation to have the voice command. Now you can either talk or text the locations which adds to your favourite destinations. It helps in tracking the third party’s moment but only requires the perfect data plan.

Co Pilot Live:

The Co pilot live is another amazing navigation app for android users. The previous version of this had received a great response. To extend the excessive features of this app it had upgraded to Co Pilot Live. The user interface has been completely redesigned  by adding some new features. It provides 3 consecutive path ways to travel, basing on them it resembles the chosen path is traffic free or not. It enable the way of changing the directions in easy way by just dragging the location towards the other side. The Active traffic function takes control on traffic areas on the way to destination. It calculates the route time to free from traffic or chooses the other alternative route. This app bridges the relationship with the social network for sharing the trip experience and images.


The android navigation system want to get you where ever you want in the world. The waze with its improved calculations, data points and voice recognition provides turn by turn facility. It also locates the cup cakes, spots and details regarding the trip. It also avoids the traffic by indicating the path by different alert and other such as accidents, speed traps based on the navigation system.

Google Earth:

The google earth is another navigational tool that provides a serious limited usage. The app offers a better view of world from any king of view sitting on sofa looking the famous spots Himalayas, Eiffel tower etc. You can also use voice command if preferable. Here it requires good data connection. The wi-fi connection can be managed or it feels like browsing forever.


This is the free gps app available on iOS and android, this is the biggest milestone of the android which hitting the app market. This app allows the user to access without any connection. It is free editable app which allocated in the phone memory. It includes turn by turn, on screen instructions, voice and offline usage also.

Top Navigation Apps for Android – Which Apps That You Use?

Finally by saying the user with his smart phone can make trip any where in the world. Without any guide regardless. The navigation system with its improved technology leaves a great features to reduce the human effort. Which top navigation apps for android that you use? Share your comment below.

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