For Top Bosses: Best Business Travel Tech for Executives


If you’re an executive or CEO, travel is an integral part of your job. Being productive while you travel is also essential so that you can make the most of your time and not fall behind with your work. To keep you on schedule and working efficiently here are some of the tops apps you can use while you are traveling.

For Top Bosses: Best Business Travel Tech for Executives

Weather Live Free

Whether you’re flying to a different state or to a different continent, you’ll need to know what to expect from the weather so you can pack the right clothes. This thermometer app will keep you abreast of the weather no matter where in the world you travel. As well as an accurate 7-day forecast, it provides temperature, weather radar, rain map, sunrise and sunset times and severe weather warnings.

Google Translate

If you’re a frequent overseas business traveler, you will often come across people with whom, you don’t share a common language. To make communicating easier, use Google Translate. It has great features, as well as translating phrases you type in, you can hold your camera up to text and the app will translate it for you. This is great for translating messages, menus, and signs.

App in The Air

Keep track of your flight status and changes with this smart app. It will work even when you don’t have an Internet connection. It has a wide coverage of different airlines and airports and enables you to manage your travel plans from checking in at the airport to landing at your destination.

XE Currency

When you need to convert currency quickly and easily this is the currency converter to use. It gives you global currency at your fingertips. You can monitor up to ten of your favorite currencies. The app also features live exchange rates and charts. It stores the latest rates so you have up-to-date information even when you don’t have Internet access.  


You can keep your travel itinerary all in own place with TripIt. From your flight schedules to your hotel reservations, your car hire to your business meetings, all this information is right at your fingertips organized in a calendar. Any emails you receive regarding further travel information or changes can be easily forwarded to your TripIt account and the app will adjust your schedule for you.  


Gate Guru is a useful companion if you’re a frequent flier. It’s clear and simple interface summarizes your flight itinerary so you don’t have to sit at your gate waiting for changes. It there are any adjustments to your flight schedule, the app will let you know immediately. It also has a stats feature so you can see how many hours in total you have spent flying, in airports and traveling.

Where would you be without your smartphone? With these apps, you can stay productive while you travel so you can stay ahead of the game and impress your colleagues.


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