Top 8 Email Hosting Companies for Your Business Website


The concept behind email hosting is that it depends on servers to outsource the service to the businesses in pursuit. The benefit of having an email host is that it enables the user to store large email demands without buying an in-house email server.

E-mail hosting can prove to be very fruitful for business as it removes all the problems faced in email configuration. Email hosting also prevents the business from spams, viruses, mail bombs and other possible threats. The protection that is offered by the email hosting companies is of high standards. There are many free web services available apart from the paid ones. The popular free web hosting services are Gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

The email hosting companies have great services on offer for the business. They provide a control panel for email, web management, anti-virus protection and customizable spam protection, among the other incredible services given by them. The attachment limits in the email can also be customized by the user. This is one of the main reasons why businesses go for email hosting. The presence of web based calendars, task management, memos and other apps make email hosting more special.

There are some companies that provide email hosting as a complimentary service along with the web hosting plan. Email hosting can be obtained as a part of the web hosting plan. Some email hosting companies are liable to provide the regular hosting services along with a domain name registration as a thanks giving note.

The flexibility that email hosting provides to the companies makes it more interesting and increases its incredibility. Email hosting is a good option for the medium scale companies as they need to send big sized attachments in their mails. The email hosting companies provide a flexible customization of attachment size on user’s requirement. This enhances the possibility of gaining more from an email hosting plan.

A good email hosting service can provide good security for your business needs and therefore it should be incorporated by the business junctions in today’s market.


Top 8 Email Hosting Companies for Your Business Website

It is the most popular email hosting service available in the market. The price for obtaining the email hosting from this website is 3.95 USD. The unlimited capacity to send and receive mails makes it the best in business. It has been highly acclaimed by critics.

InMotion Email Hosting 

Available at the price of 3.95 USD, this email hosting company strives for a high quality. The attachment size of the emails is big and hence it’s more comfortable for the businesses.

Just Host Email Hosting

Available for 3.95 USD, this email hosting service is renowned for its high standards. The reviews by the experts prove that its one of the best in the market.

Gmail by Google

The most popular Google mail service. Gmail is totally free of cost. It is of a great use to the small businesses as they do not have enough budgets to spend on the purchase of email hosting plan.

Yahoo Mail

The oldest free email hosting platform is quite popular among the masses for its reputation in the market.

It costs an amount of 4.67 USD, but the services provided by this email hosting company are out of the box. It is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting companies available in the market.

BlueHost Email Hosting

Available for 5.95 USD, the hiked price reflects the abundant features present in this email hosting platform. It is counted among the best in business.

This is one of the oldest email hosting platforms available in the market. It is free of cost and strives for great customer experience.

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