Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT

Successful businesses that take advantage of applications for web or mobile devices are split into two branches: Business and IT. This is the way it has to be, after all you cannot expect the managers to know about app performances and load times or the technical experts to specialize in marketing. However, this gap between the two types of people can cause some problems. Often an inability to see the other’s perspective can lead to inefficient business functions or even real antagonism. There are ways to avoid these problems and the most successful businesses employ them daily. Ultimately, this is just an issue of moving from raw information that the technicians collect to the business model that the managers must create.

Use Performance Management Software

A real user monitoring system can collect and organize a lot of information about how your customers use your app or website. This can be instrumental in understanding which areas need improvement. A poor performance by your system at any point of the customer experience can cause them to simply give up and take their business elsewhere. This data really puts a company’s goals into perspective so both the business side and the IT side can work together to improve revenues. Additionally, the data that is gathered falls in the space between the two branches anyway, so both sides can easily bring their own expertise to the equation.

Prioritize Collaboration

A recent survey indicated that as many as 43% of marketers blame IT for hindering their efforts. It is not uncommon for a new and exciting idea for a new feature to be completely shot down by the technical side. The marketers may never realize that IT is simply reporting potential problems the new feature would cause in performance. This way of thinking does nothing but further isolate both parties. Thinking about the other as a partner that covers the aspects you cannot yourself is a healthier perspective. After all, bridging the gap between the two departments is essentially bridging the gap between performance measurement and business initiatives.

Learn to Speak the Same Language

Right alongside learning how to collaborate, is learning how to speak the same language. Neither the businessmen or the technicians need to become experts in the other’s field, but having a basic understanding of how things work, and especially some of the essential terminology, goes a long way. It will save time in explanations and it will encourage cooperation. Each department has very specific requirements placed on them and having the other keep those requirements in mind as they consider their own will lead to the best solutions for everyone. When everybody speaks the same language, unity is formed and it becomes very clear that everyone is working toward the same goal.

When the gap between performance measurement and initiatives is too great, it is usually because of distance between the business and IT sides of a company. It is only through collaboration and agreement that their goals can be met. Whether you need to take advantage of a user monitoring system or just orient each department to thinking the correct way, it is important to pursue this end.

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