Three Jobs You Could Consider If You Love Travelling

It’s true to say that not everyone wants a career where they are stuck behind a desk, in the office day in and day out. Some would rather be out in the world exploring. Others love the idea of being able to ride the roads for their job, taking long stretches away from home. You might think this type of career is a pipe dream, but there are plenty of jobs that provide this possibility. Whether a particular job will suit you, will depend on how much money you want and how much freedom you need. Let’s look at some of the possibilities that could suit your lifestyle.

Delivery Driver

Three Jobs You Could Consider If You Love Travelling

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This type of career is perfectly suited for those people who love those long drives. There are plenty of options available in this field. All you need to do is get the qualifications that will allow you to drive bigger vehicles. Trucks and lorries are difficult to get the hang of at first because they are so large. But once you are used to shifting your weight around, you’ll find things a lot easier. The advantages are that you won’t really be working in an office at all. Instead, you’ll be on the road taking delivery after delivery. One disadvantage is that you will also have to help unload the stock. So, it’s not all easy driving. It’s also true that you will often be working to a deadline. You’ll be expected to get the package to the destination on time. Have a look at to see some of the possibilities.

Travel Rep

Three Jobs You Could Consider If You Love Travelling

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Of course, you may want to travel outside the country. If that’s the case, you could become a travel representative. A travel agent gets to work in some of the most exotic, beautiful, tourist hotspots in the world. You will still be able to travel, taking different jobs to choose where you work. The downside? We can’t really see one except for the fact that there’s quite a lot of stress in this career. You’ll be responsible for groups of people, and it will be your job to cater to their needs. You might find that you don’t have quite as much time to relax as you’d like.

Alternately you may want to become a professional travel blogger. This still has the option to travel abroad, but you have more freedom in your activities. If you can write with a unique flair, you’ll find success in this line of work. But it will be difficult to get started at first. Have a look at for some handy tips.

Air Steward Or Hostess

Three Jobs You Could Consider If You Love Travelling

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Lastly, you could consider taking to the skies. The biggest disadvantage of this job is that you will be in an airplane hundreds of times over the period of one year. But, airplanes are quite a lot safer than travelling by car so it really just depends on if you like flying. If you do, you can look forward to weekends in different locations across the world and access to first class lounges. We can certainly think of worst career possibilities.

Do any of these jobs suit your desires? If they do, why not start researching them today?


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