The Lavu Lamp by Tom Davies



Now here’s some lighting with some history and culture behind it. The Lavu Lamp takes design inspiration from the Sami tribesmen of the Ural Mountains, who occupied the Scandinavian areas of Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc. They were in many ways similar to the Native Americans, having their own tepees, or “Lavvus”, made of wood and deer hide.

The Lavu Lamp pays homage to that indigenous history along with an evolved Scandinavian design sense, to come up with something truly remarkable. Authentic in a cultural but even modern sense, the Lavu Lamp is truly Scandinavian in every aspect.

The lamp is an icon of the Lavvu tent, with the light source inside, radiating a homely warmth and light. The Tyvek material that acts as a lampshade is a brilliant choice of material that actually mimics the organic design of animal hide when light passes through. The cherry on the cake, a Plumen 001 bulb, not only direct light, it also is a symbol of the smoke that comes through the top of the Lavvu tents, given the bulb’s fluid design.

The Lavu lamp is a champion of the Scandinavian design vision. With barely 6 parts (all indigenous/recyclable) and 2 bulbs, it comes flat packed, and can be assembled in roughly 2 minutes. Without tools!

The Lavu Lamp by Tom Davies










( H/T: Yanko Design )

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