The Future of SEO Apple vs Google


Introduction: in the recent years, most startup companies have chosen to go mobile and the build app-only framework. While some organizations have had the achievement victoriously, mobile-first organizations such as Hotel tonight have missed a number of large opportunities of Search engine optimization. Soon enough app pages will be coded in such a way that they are easy to search since the pages on the website and mobile-only organizations, will have the ability to directly compete with various websites through the search.

The Future of SEO Apple vs Google

Search Engine optimization is about realization of dramatic transformation in more than a decade furthermore, Google has introduced several transformations in the past few years in order to improve search quality by including features such as the Panda and Penguin. However Search Engine Optimization techniques still remain unchanged. These techniques include building algorithms to incorporate numerous pages by paying individuals to connect to the websites.

Future of SEO Apple vs Google

In the modern world of Search Engine Optimization, it’s safe to say that the individuals with diverse Operating systems own the search experience. Google’s Android OS will provide Google with a greater advantage in increasing its share of search in the competitive market on technology today. With Approximately 43% mobile users using the IOS, Apple will become a major player in the search improvement sector since it was an all-time favorite for many users.

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The biggest loser in this operation will be organizations such as Microsoft: which has been struggling to gain traction with the windows phone, together with the Ask and AOL which also has no mobile OS strategy. Google is working hard to incorporate SEO with its android OS and they are doing a pretty good job. In the past few months Google, has achieved a number of related transformations which include application indexing and Google- Now on top Tap.


Other organizations such as URX and Tap stream have also developed tools to facilitate app developers hence incorporating new technologies. Recently, Apple established its own Search engine platform which is launched using IOS 9 this move by Apple will help users to search for various content of their interest directly using their devices linked to safari search or Spotlight.

Apple SEO

In summation these SEO transformations will mean that the appropriate and best content will always win since startup with new products will compete better with larger organizations. It’s safe to say that the greatest winner of the new Search Engine Optimization will always be the End users who will have the ability to search easily and identify the best website and application content in the right place and time.

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