The Different Types of Apps You Need When Travelling


No matter how you intend to travel, there is an app to help you do everything from looking at the weather where you are going to passing the time whilst on the trip. If you intend to go anywhere this summer, especially somewhere you’ve never been, take the time to familiarise yourself with the different types of apps you need when travelling. Here is a sampling of what to look for:

Weather Apps

Before closing up your luggage, you should take out your weather app to see what is in store for the time period you will be in a different location. Is it going to rain or snow? Will it be hot and sunny? This will determine what you should carry along with you. However, the weatherman has been known to get it wrong a time or two so don’t forget to check your app periodically once you arrive at your destination.

Flight / Train / Bus Apps

If you are taking a plane, train or bus when travelling, there is an app that will tell you whether or not your scheduled mode of transport is on time or delayed. You will also be able to get an approximate arrival time which is handy in case you have a connection to catch somewhere along the line. If it looks as though you will miss your plane, for example, you can call ahead to see when the next flight out will be and try to get a ticket on that plane.


Driving this year? You will want to have a good GPS app on your mobile device. You will get step by step directions telling you where to go, where to turn and also the distance to your next change in route. You can program the GPS to take you around congested areas of major cities or to avoid construction on the roadways. A really handy app to have when driving in unfamiliar territories.

Game & Activity Apps

If you are not driving, you may want to pass the time playing games. It’s loads of fun playing when someone else is doing the driving/flying and you don’t need to lose touch with your gaming mates you play against (or with!) day after day. Try apps like the Wink Bingo mobile app which you can get in a number of ways. You can get a link emailed or texted to you, download it from the site or find it in the App Store but make sure to get it before you leave!

Currency Conversion Apps

Travelling to a new country this year? You will definitely need a currency conversion app if the country is not in the UK or the EU. If you are not familiar with the conversion rates, it helps to have a handy app. Some people have been known to pay upwards of a hundred pounds for such trivial things as newspapers because they were unaware exactly how the foreign currency measured up against the GBP.

Tip Calculator

You will most likely be dining out, so after you’ve done the currency exchange calculations, make sure to use your tip calculator to get the percentage you should leave for your waiter. This comes in especially handy when the conversion is an odd figure. For example, when travelling to Mexico the conversion is (at the time of this writing) 24.6 pesos equals one pound. You’d need to do a lot of calculations to figure out the tip, so a tip app is really handy to have on hand.


When you get tired of playing games, you may want to read a book or two. The Kindle app for Android and iPhones is a great resource. Just make sure to download a book or two before embarking on your journey. Then, even if Internet is absent for a time you can still enjoy your book whilst waiting to reconnect.

These are the most popular travelling apps but if you search the App Store you are certain to find dozens more that will make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable whilst also helping to make sure you stay safe in a new location.

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