the best ways to protect your gadgets

High-tech gadgets are expensive and difficult to replace. They secure many of your most personal details, and therefore put your entire life at risk if they’re hacked or stolen. You need to do everything you can to protect them. The following information tells you how you can protect your gadgets against damage, theft, and security breaches.

Get a Case for Your Devices

Dropping a phone or tablet can result in cracks and other damages. Cases aren’t expensive, and therefore they’re a very simple solution to maintaining your device’s physical integrity. Look for cases that are specific. For example, you’ll need a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case if you’re using that particular device.

Choose a case that’s advertised to be impact resistant. You want something that features two layers of protection, and pair this with screen protectors. If an accident occurs, you can expect the case to intercept the blow and protect your expensive gadget inside.

Create a Pin or Password

Don’t trust anyone! You may think the people you know won’t snoop, and you’re probably right. But, what if you’re wrong? In a Scientific American article, Professor Herbert H. Thompson admits to stealing the identities of some of his family’s closest friends. Although this theft was for research, it’s a very real scenario that happens all the time.

He was able to hack the bank account of a close friend using basic information he garnered through conversations with her. Imagine the things he could have learned if he had access to her cell phone.

Create a pin number or password for your phone, and don’t give it to anyone. If your phone is stolen or someone is snooping, you don’t have to worry they’ll intercept identifying details about you.

Only Install Apps You Trust

You should only install apps you trust. This is because some apps can cause a virus on your phone or gadget. Make sure you know the app you’re installing, and what it’s about before installing it. Always check the reviews, and beware reviews that claim the app is malware or spyware.

Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy

Stop Think Connect recommends keeping security software updated regularly. If you’re not currently using anti-virus and anti-spy download a trusted application. With installed protections, you don’t have to worry you’ll accidentally open something dangerous on your device.

Wipe Your Phone Before Selling or Giving It Away

If you wipe your phone before passing it to someone else, you’re ensuring the new owner doesn’t have access to your personal information. There are instructions for resetting devices to factory default settings in your phone’s manual. Most manuals are available online.

Stay Away from Public Wi-Fi networks

the best ways to protect your gadgets

Try not to log on to public Wi-Fi networks because this makes it easier for hackers to find you, and hack inside of your phone or tech gadget to get ahold of your personal information. Try to only get online from home or at work where the Wi-Fi is secured with a password.

Using the tips above will help keep your personal information safe, as well as keep your device safe from physical damage just in case you accidentally drop it somewhere. Every device should have a case on it to ensure it doesn’t get physically damaged, and they should also always have security installed to keep hackers away from your identifying and financial information. If you don’t do any of the above, you stand at risk for getting your personal information stolen very easily.

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