The Best Android Apps for Bloggers


Whether you’re a budding blogger or expert to publish your ideas, studies, jokes and thoughts on the internet, it’s good to know the different tools that will help you manage and improve your blog through your mobile devices. To contribute our grain of sand, here we have created this list of the best Android apps for bloggers. In this list we will see applications like WordPress, Blogger, Bloggeroid, Blogaway, Hootsuite, Seesmic, Google Analytics and Writer.

Make sure you check out the android apps for bloggers below, share you thought and share which app that you use on daily basis to create content, approve comments and update your blog.


The Best Android Apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress


Let’s start the list with pure applications and hard to create blogs. WordPress is the most downloaded app on Google Play to create personal publishing content that allows you to design how to post the information, publish content, upload photos, check the status of your page, edit previous posts, moderate comments of others … well, do you need a blog. It is available for free.

2. Blogger


Blogger is another popular app that many bloggers use. For us, this app one of must have application for any blogspot users. It is developed by Google, and integrates seamlessly with the web tool. Create drafts to publish later upload images from gallery or directly from camera, tag your posts, change what you’ve posted in the past, controls the comments to your posts. This Blogger app is available to download for free.

3. Bloggeroid


We now can examine a couple of good customers for blogs. Maybe you have a Blogger account but do not relish the Android application. Then you must download another application as Bloggeroid, an application that gives you the ability to manage your accounts from your mobile device Blogger, putting entries, modifying, up pictures also lets you modify various accounts at the same time, you can save job.

This app is also available for Free.

4. Blogaway

Blogaway - Android Apps on Google Play

Blogaway is another client for Blogger, and works similar to the previous. We recommend you to download both, because they are free, and are tested. This way you can choose the one you like or suits your way of blogging. This app is available for free.

5. Hootsuite


As important it must be for a blogger to create content as advertise them in their social networks. So it is important to have an application like Hootsuite, which allows you to manage the content of your various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Thus, when you publish content on your blog, you mention and advertise them in these networks easily, at the same time with a single click.

This app is also free.

6. Seesmic


Another social network administrator is Seesmic, which will help you publish your blog on Twitter or Facebook and share instantly and simultaneously contents of your blogs as photos and videos. Also it will be very useful to manage these social networks, although it has nothing to do with your blogs.

It is also free.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

If you seriously want to devote to blogging, or even do it professionally, a tool that you cannot miss is Google Analytics. It is an application that allows you to study the flow of visitors to your blogs, locating these visits by geographic area, see what inputs and what content is the most visited. In short, a set of content that will allow you to study what interests the people what you write and where you should try harder. This app is also available for free.

8. Writer


Sometimes text editor’s blogging may not be the most comfortable. In the event that this happens to be very useful to you, we recommend you to download an application such as Writer, designed only to write, write and write. Its usefulness lies in its simplicity, a clear interface and a few useful tools, so typing is easy. After the text, just copy and paste it into your blog post. This app is also absolutely free.


Best Android Apps For Bloggers – Share Your Comment

Finally, we have put a list of our favorite Android apps for bloggers that we found very useful. Which app that we mentioned above that you use on a daily basis? If you have any other apps that you want to share with us, then leave your thought below.

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