iPhone application of the Eiffel Tower

The application of the tower: discover the Eiffel Tower with the Iphone

The only slight drawback is that for now it is only available in English and French. But travellers that are more technological and multilingual certainly will not be intimidated by this detail, and will appreciate the recently released application for Iphone dedicated to the Eiffel Tower.

It is funny how I got this application. It is not a cheap application but if you are in Paris everything is expensive. It the summer of 2012 and I wanted to watch the World Cup but I couldn’t find a sports bar in order to enjoy the games of my country (Germany) with my girlfriend. After checking online I realised that this application has a guide of everything that can be seen from the tower, and so I did buy it in the end.

With 4 USD you can possibly adopt a guide which offers up-as many as 27 original stage on which to articulate the visit, they can also count on a 360-degree high-definition designed photos to allow the identification of more than 70 of the main buildings of Paris seen from the Tower. You can get a free iPhone app that also great for you to discover Paris here. One of the best that I recently use.

The proposed visit from the Eiffel lasts about an hour and is enriched by 70 documents and photographs. In 2013 will also be elaborated the version for Android; the company has also stated that it will be promoted in Android games for all ages.


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