Switzerland – Five-Star Holiday Destination for Gadget Lovers!

The small country in the heart of Europe is known for many things: skiing, cheese, amazing inventions and monumental science projects like the LHC (Large Hardon Collider) near Geneva.

In order to give you an idea about just how you could arrange your trip to this beautiful alpine country, this article is divided into three parts: sporty, geeky and luxurious. Keeping in mind that the United States of America is roughly 230 times bigger than Switzerland, you could easily travel all around this country during your stay. But in order to take a more relaxed approach, let’s focus on the region around the famous city of Geneva.

Switzerland – Five-Star Holiday Destination for Gadget Lovers!The sporty part of your trip to Switzerland

Most tourist visit the Swiss Alps during the winter season. Which makes sense, since you will find an abundance of fabulous ski resorts, cross-country skiing areas and ideal snow board conditions. The most famous among the ski areas of this region is without a doubt Courchevel, which is situated in France and can be reached in about two hours by car. This fantastic and wonderful ski region is actually the place to ski for the crème de la crème of the international high society. Other ski areas around Geneva, which are just as nice and quite a bit more affordable are for instance Zermatt or Wengen.

During summertime, the scenic mountain world of the Alps is a paradise for mountain bikers, hikers and nature enthusiasts. Countless hiking and mountain biking trails lead through a breath-taking landscape featuring majestic mountain peaks, lush alpine meadows and deep woods.

The geeky side of your vacation in Geneva …

… could begin with a visit to the LHC near Geneva. The Large Hardon Collider is actually the biggest single machine in the world, the largest and most complex experimental facility ever build and – to sum things up – absolutely fascinating! If you wish to find out more about contemporary physics, what a Higgs Boson is and what it tells us about the beginning of the universe, you should definitely pay CERN a visit! Another and obviously smaller event, which tells you a lot about the Swiss inventive spirit, is the “Inventions Geneva” fair trade. The next edition will take place between the end of March and the beginning of April 2017. This unique trade show will host over 700 participants from more than 45 countries revealing approximately 1000 new inventions for the first time ever! Then – of course – there are the Swiss watch makers, who represent the pinnacle of their trade. Geneva is – as a matter of fact – home to some of the most prestigious watch makers in the world. Companies like IWC, Cartier and Rolex have their roots in Geneva.

Some luxury to round things up!

Switzerland – Five-Star Holiday Destination for Gadget Lovers!Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world! Strolling through the city centre and around the famous Geneva Lake is like participating in a parade of the rich and famous. The Rue du Rhône is considered THE luxury shopping paradise in Switzerland, where basically all major fashion designers, car manufacturers, boat builders and watch makers present their goods. Geneva is a great place to meet beautiful and interesting ladies, as well as gentlemen, while sipping a glass of champagne in one of the up-scale cafés by the lake. Top class hotels, fine dining, VIP escort service with sophisticated companions and a very exclusive club scene make Geneva a paradise for high earners.