Successful Strategies for Improving Healthcare Customer Service

Customer service and experience are vital factors in any industry. And yet, they are more important is some areas than others. In the healthcare sector, people expect to receive excellent care and customer service. They are dealing with a subject that is very personal. They want the services they use to take their health as seriously as they do. Healthcare businesses can’t afford to be lazy or careless when they deliver their services. They need to work on improving patient satisfaction all the time. Are you looking for ways to improve the customer experience for your healthcare company? If so, remember these crucial elements.

Better Training in Customer Service

The first factor to consider, which may seem obvious, is customer service training. But staff in healthcare don’t always receive the right advice on how to treat patients. You might have medical professionals who can deliver on the health expertise. But they can struggle to deliver a satisfactory experience. On the other hand, there could be administration or receptionists who are experienced. But they’re unfamiliar with handling patients instead of other types of customer. You should ensure that everyone has the necessary training to give them a good bedside manner. It’s also important to address issues such as how to deal with difficult patients.

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Software and Systems

It’s not just people that make a difference in customer service and experience. In the modern world, the technology you use is extremely important too. It can help any healthcare business to be more efficient and productive. For example, the software your company uses for scheduling appointments makes a difference.  It could help or hinder your customer experience. A system that allows you to schedule everything accurately keeps your business ticking over. The right technology could help to reduce waiting times and keep track of cancellations.

Technology can help in a large number of ways. For example, some new applications aim to make it easier to receive medical records. Others help patients to track their health at home. This helps doctors get a better picture of how they are progressing. Finding the software and equipment that could be useful for you can take some research.

Improve Phone Service

Many healthcare companies are making an effort to offer online services. However, the telephone is still the primary point of contact for many. It can be used to schedule appointments and deliver customer service and experiences. For example, you might call a patient to welcome them to the clinic. They might call you to deal with a billing issue. Currently, you might field all calls from the reception desk or your office. However, if you want to grow your business, you might look into other solutions. Outsourcing to a top-rated call center for the healthcare industry is one option to consider. A good outsourced call center can respond to and get in touch with a larger number of patients. You can ensure they have the relevant compliance certifications. You can also check that they can deliver excellent service.

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Moving Online

Many people now prefer to do things online whenever possible. Making phone calls can feel like an inconvenience. It’s especially annoying when the line always seems busy. It’s better to handle some things over the phone. However, there are plenty of processes that can be handled online. For example, an online booking system allows people to schedule an appointment in seconds. It’s also possible to give your patients an online account. They could view billing information, upcoming appointments and other things they need to know. You could offer email support or perhaps even instant messaging for some things. Of course, if you have any patient information online, you need to make sure you follow the necessary regulations.

Improve Employee Retention

There are several reasons to look after your employees for better customer experience. Staff members who are treated well are more likely to perform better. They will then treat patients well in turn. In addition to that, your patients will prefer to see the same faces whenever they visit you. Being able to recognize the names and faces of your staff will help them feel more comfortable. Your employees will be able to get to know the patients and recognize them too. Receiving consistent care from the same people is comforting for many.

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Collecting and Responding to Feedback

The best way to give your service users what they want is often to ask them what they’re looking for. Of course, it isn’t always possible to respond to their requests. However, their feedback can give you insight into what is important to them. You could collect feedback in a number of ways. Sending out surveys is one option. However, you will have better response rates with some incentive. Sometimes just getting people to rate you quickly can be useful. Some companies use screens for a quick response. People can touch a corresponding smiley face for their experience on the way out the door.

Deliver Consistent Service

If you offer several different customer service channels, they all have to be as good as each other. If someone calls your office, they should get the same level of customer care as if they speak to someone in person. Working on delivering consistent service is one of the most important things to do. However, it can be complicated by having different teams managing different channels. Bringing them all together to ensure the same level of quality across the board will improve things.

Be More Proactive

Don’t wait for customers to contact you. There are several ways healthcare companies can take a proactive approach to customer service. It could involve sending a text message to remind someone of their appointment. You could have a newsletter to keep people in touch with what’s happening at your clinic. Let your customers know that you make an effort to communicate with them. It’s not always up to them to get in touch.

Customer service and experience needs to be excellent in a healthcare setting. You can always improve them, even when you’re getting excellent feedback.


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