Steps To Climbing The Company Ladder


Steps To Climbing The Company Ladder

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Most of us have goals of climbing the company ladder. It’s the reason we take entry level jobs at low rates. It’s a foot in the door, and from there it’s all about making your mark. But, in a company full of people with the same ambitions, how do you stand out? How do you rise to the top, and put yourself on the radar? Today, we’re looking at some of the best ways to move up the ladder. Maybe one day, you’ll take over as CEO!

  1. Set goals

If you want to move up the company, say it loud and proud to yourself! Give yourself that goal, and set that target. Do you want to be the editor, the marketing manager, the CFO? If you want to run the company one day, give yourself that target and ambition. Having that in mind will shape your attitude every day from now on. You can actively set yourself a path, and follow it.

  1. Stay up to date

Business is constantly evolving and adapting. Your bosses are relying on you to stay up to date, and adapt to the big industry changes. They’re looking to the younger recruits to bring them new opportunities and ideas. That means staying on top of business current events. Read trade journals, follow the big news in your industry. What are the current trends, and where’s the market going? These things will prove to your seniors that you know what you’re talking about.

  1. Take initiative

If you know something needs doing, take the initiative, and do it! Of course, don’t act outside your purview, but keep things off your boss’ desk if it doesn’t need to be there. If you know that another colleague is struggling with something, take the initiative and help them out. That sort of attitude to the company won’t go unnoticed by your managers. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of thing they’re looking for.

  1. You ask for more

A lot of employees simply want to keep their head down. They’ll do the work assigned to them, collect their paycheck and leave work on the dot every day. Now, you don’t need to burn yourself out. But, don’t be scared to ask for more. Ask for more responsibility. Actively show your boss that you want more responsibility. But, most importantly, prove that you can handle a bigger client or account.

  1. Find a mentor

If you have your targets set on being CFO one day, make an appointment with the current finance manager. Or, connect with a CFO outside your company. Get to know their job role, and ask them candidly about how they got there. You can learn a lot from the people who are in the position you strive for, and getting together with them and even potentially requesting mentorship opportunities from them is the norm. They’ll teach you the basics, and tell you their story. Their advice will be invaluable. Better yet, you’ll put yourself on their radar as a proactive young employee.

  1. Don’t be too smart!

There’s one thing you should know about the top of the company ladder. There is still a lot of teamwork, communication, and respect involved. There are board meetings, and manager meetings. Big egos and attitudes don’t work at the top of the ladder any better than at the bottom. Try to avoid carrying a superior attitude. Even if you’re the smartest person in the office, keep that ego to yourself! Become a team player, help those who need it, and avoid any rebellious or defiant behaviour.

  1. Learn to communicate better

A lot of employees show their weaknesses when they communicate with the management team. Just remember, your managers are always looking for people to move up. They’re looking for the future of the company. The way you interact with your superiors now, gives them a good indication of your ability to work at a higher level. Can you confidently pass on information to your managers? Can you answer their demanding questions? Can you make a strong presentation to the board? Learn to communicate, and you’ll fit right in at the top of the chain!

  1. Learn to say no

We often think we have to accept every piece of work that lands on our desk. We think it makes us look good in front of the boss. In fact, it looks a whole lot better if you’re honest. Learn to say no to something you can’t handle. If you haven’t got the time to do the new project justice, speak up. Your superiors will respect honesty, far more than a rushed project.

Last of all, be patient. Climbing the company ladder doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, but it’s worth it in the end. Good luck!

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