Social Media Tricks Your Business Probably Isn’t Using


Every modern business should be using social media by now. But even if your business has a social media presence, you might not be getting the most from your accounts. Here are some social media tricks that you’re probably not currently taking advantage of.

Use Images and Videos to Connect

People are so much more likely to engage with your posts and tweets if you give people something extra. So, rather than just posting text, add some images or videos in there too. If people are given something extra to help grab their attention, they’ll be less likely to just keep scrolling down. It doesn’t take much to attach a relevant image to your posts. And if you have a youtube channel, you should attach these videos to your posts on social media when you’re promoting them.

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Keep Posts Short but Regular

The best tweets are the ones that are about 80 characters long. These are the ones that the evidence shows people are more likely to retweet and like. So, don’t be tempted to cram too much information into your tweets because they might not be as successful that way. At the same time, you should keep posting on social media platforms regularly. A baron account can lead people to assume that it’s gone inactive, and then they have no reason to carry on following you.

Stay Relevant at All Times

It’s very easy to veer off topic when you are posting a lot on social media. But it’s important to remember what the purpose of your social media channels and who’s in your audience. You should ask yourself what your audience wants from your company’s channels. If you are not posting things that are of interest to them, you will quickly start to lose likes and followers. So, stay on message and only try new things if you are sure that it’s something that will relevant to your audience.

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Copyright a Hashtag

If you are selling a product to the public, you can copyright a hashtag associated with it. Not many business owners even realize that this is possible. This is a major missed opportunity though, so next time you have something to promote, you should use this trick. Copyrighting a hashtag is actually pretty simple too. And it’s great because it will stop other rival companies from using it for their own purposes. It’s important to know that it won’t stop other individuals from using it if they want to though.

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Highlight the Best Feedback

When you run business social media profiles, you will get lots of feedback. Some of it might be bad, but lots of it will be good. People are always keen to share positive experiences, so if you can offer them that kind of experience, they’ll talk about it. But those positive comments can often be hidden underneath lots of others; that doesn’t have to be a problem though. You just need to access your activity log on Facebook and check the ‘allowed on page’ option that you’ll see. Then the best comments will be visible to everyone.

Social Media Tricks Your Business Probably Isn't UsingImage Source

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