SEO Tips for Bloggers


For many bloggers, the question of how to improve their search engine result rankings is an important one. The higher your blog ranks in Google for certain keywords, the better chance you have of readers clicking on your blog, where they can then contribute to your blogs monetary value, whether you’re using Pay Per Click marketing, affiliate marketing, or another method, such as selling an eBook. Carrying out both on- and off-page SEO is vital for all bloggers to improve their ranking and gain more readers for their blog.

SEO Tips for Bloggers

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Hire a Professional

If you’re serious about your blog and want to make it your main source of income, one of the best things to do is outsource your SEO tasks to a professional. This is especially important if you’re not experienced with or knowledgeable about SEO and will need to take the time to learn processes and strategies before you can start seeing good results. Often, outsourcing your SEO needs to a professional agency can be more cost effective as you will start to see results in the form of increased profits a lot sooner.

Optimize Your Blog Titles

Your blog post title is the text which will pull viewers from the search engine results and onto your blog. Because of this, adding keywords to it, particularly the ones that you want your post to rank for, is a very useful strategy. Along with this, making sure that your blog post titles are both interesting and compelling can help to encourage readers to click on them. However, be careful when it comes to picking titles, as creating titles which misrepresent the content that they link to can earn you a reputation for posting click bait.

Use Social Media

Another great way for bloggers to not only improve their readership but also their SEO is to be active on social media. Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share your blog posts will put them in front of a much larger audience, encouraging a larger number of viewers to read and share your content. Social media also means that you can actively encourage readers to share your posts, improving your outreach even more.

Guest Blogging

Many bloggers are under the impression that guest blogging, or guest posting is no longer worth the effort. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it may have earned a bad reputation due to black-hat SEO, guest blogging can actually be a very effective method of improving your blog’s SEO thanks to back linking. When you post a relevant blog post on a blog that has a lot of traffic, you can leave a link back to your blog in the content which not only earns you more favor with Google’s algorithms, but can also encourage more visitors to come and check out your blog.

Blogging is quickly becoming something that more and more people are using to make an income. However, in order to be a successful blogger, it’s important to practice good SEO.

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