How to Save Site’s SEO with Link Detoxing


Only half a decade ago most companies were aiming to build their presence online by planting as many links as possible. Today the smartest and most progressive of them spend save time deleting them. So what kind of vicious circle is behind it?

According to professionals from social media agency old and bad links today can not only harm, but completely kill your website’s organic search traffic. This is why today there is a new direction in SEO sphere called link detoxing. B now SEO detox has become an integral part of modern optimization campaigns.

So what is the main course of action for SEO detox?

1). You identify bad and toxic links.

2). You get rid of them get back to your normal traffic.

So now let’s have a closer look on the matter.

How do you know that you have been hit?

Link audit is something that professionals advise carrying out periodically regardless, it may become your absolute necessity in case your website has been hit with a webspam penalty. Below there are several ways to identify a penalty.

Manual Penalties

Manual penalties are usually one that you are notified about by Google. Just check your messages in the webmaster tools.

Algorithmic Penalties

If you see a sudden drop off in the website’s traffic, then you observe the first sign of an algorithmic penalty. As professionals explain, it means that in some way your site has been penalized. But before you hit the panic button, make sure to check any obvious anomalies (such as site down time). If no vivid abnormalities have been spotted, check if you have recently had any algorithmic updates that tie in with the drop in traffic.

In case you see that your traffic drop aligns with a penguin update then you are very likely to be penalized for over-optimization, the biggest cause of which is manipulative linking.

Conducting the link audit

Now, as you suspect that you have been penalized, you need to conduct a link audit in order to identify potentially toxic links.

There are two main ways of conducting link audit. The more complicated one is manual and it is highly advised to consult SEO detox & penalty removal experts not to make even more harm. However, there is also a possibility of doing so via Link Research Tools.

Can I just use webmaster tools?

The short answer is no. Google webmaster tools do create a link report, but you have to understand that it is only just a sample of the links that Google has found pointing to your site.

To ensure that you identify all potentially problematic links make sure to get a subscription to at least one of the specialized backlink analysis providers.

As you can see there is nothing extremely complicated in the matter, but you need to always ensure to follow the reports and check information about your website’s status. Only by constant check you can always be in the picture of your current affairs.

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