Sate Your Interior Design Appetite With These Great Sites


The world of interior design has moved online, there’s no doubt about it.

Just think of all the successful companies making waves on the internet – The Mat Factory, MOMA, Frankworks. After more than a decade, the internet is now bursting at the seams with high-quality interior design sites. You could probably even find a site that’ll sew up internet seams, that’s how brilliantly diverse it is.

But, what are the best sites to keep you in touch with the latest designers and trends? Well, here are just a few.


The home of the strange, weird and wonderful, icreatived is the website for those after the peculiar in their interior design.

The site seems determined to find seemingly strange looking products that are actually the height of good design and functionality.

Want a table that looks like a Rubik’s Cube? How about a bookshelf in the shape of a tree, replete with crawling, gnarling branches? Then give this site a go to fulfil your oddball needs.


Know what trends of the past to swerve or incorporate into your home with WowHaus, a site dedicated to showcasing retro houses on the market.

From Art Deco oddities in the middle of Gloucester to Modernist masterpieces in Surrey, the joy of sifting through WowHaus is that you can see the interior trends that went amiss through the years. All in all, it’s a wonderfully odd site that will give you a wider insight into the potential for your home.


Kind of like the Pinterest of great interior design, Designspiration is a community of amateurs who share their favourite designers, rooms and looks to inspire fellow users. You can even create the home of your dreams from the snippets of inspiration this site feeds you.


A treasure trove of info, Remodelista is a magazine-style site that will fill you with interior design knowledge penned by experts. Along with tips and tricks, the site details the latest shops, up-and-coming designers and reviews of the latest products to help you turn your house into a home.

Home Shopping Spy

Written by Ideal Home magazine’s style editor, this blog is the go-to site for those after a daily design fix. It offers a great array of well-written articles and, with Ideal Home’s wide-range of contacts, you can guarantee that they’ll be the first to know about the latest kitsch products.

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