Safe And Sound Ways To Secure Your Business Premises

Safe And Sound Ways To Secure Your Business Premises

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Is your workplace as secure as you think it is? Security is a completely fundamental part of your workplace procedure. If not, then it should be. Working in a small building, or working in a startup scenario, you may feel the need to overlook the issue of keeping your details and data secure. While there may be less staff overall in a startup company, you can think that there is less chance of a security breach. That isn’t the best approach to take. Even in the smallest of businesses are potential risks to data and security that can have a drastic impact on business. There are measures that you can take, no matter how small, to make sure that your business is as secure as possible. Here are a few ways to upgrade your security across the spectrum of businesses, from a startup to a larger company.

Use The Lighting To Your Advantage

While leaving the lights on at night goes against every environmental rule on the planet, if you have the lights on at night when there is nobody in the office, it will be a better deterrent. It will be less has to be a target of night burglars. When it comes to leaving the lights on, it will be a great deterrent if you can’t afford a security guard. It is the trick your aunt probably tells you to do when you go on holiday. Leave the lights on, and it gives the impression that there is somebody at home all the time. So you won’t come back to a raided home! This is the same principle. Try it!

Locking Items Away At The End Of Each Working Day

It is a fundamental part of the UK’s Data Protection Act, to dispose of sensitive data securely and safely. Doing this will be a great prevention of leaked information. With the amount of personal information being leaked online, you need to be sure that at the end of each day that all the information that is of a sensitive nature is put away. Maybe assign a member of staff to do this for you. Or do it in a rota, so everyone has the duty. It is a good way to give everyone an idea of how often people leave important information lying around. It happens more than you think! It is a normal method that businesses use, so try it for yourself. As well as preventing potential information breaches, it is a good way to keep working spaces clean and tidy. It would also be beneficial to have designated bins for confidential waste. So with every bit of paper with a customer’s phone number or credit card number can go in this bin to be shredded.

Install Security Cameras

A commonplace activity, but if you are a small business struggling with costs of the premises this can be a sticky situation. The importance of having security cameras at your workplace cannot be underestimated. It is something you need to invest in. Regarding where you need to install them, the typical locations, apart from the entrances and exits, are in corners of rooms. This is so it can scan a whole room easily. However, the security company that will install the system will take care of that.

If you do have an issue with finances in the short term, there is a method to keep you ticking over. Installing fake or “dummy” Closed Circuit Television cameras is a good thing to do for a small period. The sight of a security camera is usually deterrent enough for thieves. So it is a handy trick to have up your sleeve while keeping your building safe during the night.

Individual ID Badges For Staff Members

If you issue your staff with ID badges, this is a great way to increase essential security. Installing a security gate that will only let staff with an ID badge in is standard practice for many bigger businesses now. If you have visitors to the business, you can issue temporary badges that only last up to a day. As well as this, having a sign-in book handy and making sure people sign in will help you keep track of anyone that is in the building at any given time.

The great thing with ID badges is that it is possible to deactivate them at any time. So, if you have staff that are leaving their employment, their access to the building can be taken away even if they left with their ID badge. ID badges are also very simple to make and can have passport pictures of the staff.

Hire A Security Guard

If you have the funds to hire a security guard, it is a wonderful peace of mind to have. Depending on the size of your business, you could Hire Security Guards (plural) to patrol your premises, giving you total protection. If you are a smaller business, then it is more of a stretch on your finances. Having a personal mode of protection can do more than any piece of equipment can.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Security doesn’t stretch to just cameras and ID badges! You need to make sure that your computer system is protected properly from threats. It is likely that your business handles data from many different sources, and that they are of a sensitive nature. So you need to have a good anti-virus package to warn against malware problems, hackers and data thieves. Handling sensitive data comes with a responsibility to protect it. As there are so many stories in the media about data breaches and information being leaked online, you have to protect it at all costs. The penalties in letting data be leaked ranges from being fined a hefty amount for a decreased lack of reliance on you as a company. If you are relying on custom to fund your business, you can risk them losing their trust in you. And also losing their trust in your abilities as a reliable company.


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