Do You Run A Business Or A Bomb Site?

Businesses are constantly meeting new people and creating first impressions. As a result, they have to put a little bit of thought into how they present themselves, both online and off. The problem, however, is that many businesses wind up looking more like a bomb site than a professional organization.

Here are some tips to help improve the appearance of your business.

Tip #1: Be Consistent In Your Branding

New business owners have a lot of their plates. They have to think about everything from the company finances to keeping their customers happy. One of the things, however, that tends to fall by the wayside is a consistent approach to marketing. While an on-the-fly approach to producing marketing and letterheads might be convenient, it can actually have a rather negative effect on your overall marketing impact. Differences in your marketing materials and design language can often leave your customers confused and lead to problems retaining clients further down the road.

It’s a good idea, right at the start of your business, to aim to make your branding as consistent as possible and to stand out from your competitors. Doing this will help to strengthen your identity and make customers feel as if they know you.

In the past, it was commonplace for companies to have a smattering of different design languages because there weren’t the tools to bring them all together. But today, thanks to the digital revolution and better software, there are all sorts of packages that can be used to make your marketing material consistent.

Tip #2: Grab Media Coverage

In the past, it was usually the case that companies only got media coverage once they got large and started misbehaving. But today, there’s a tremendous appetite for news about companies that are doing things a little differently or innovating. What’s more, because local media tends to be highly trusted by the community, getting your name in an established outlet is a great way to build credibility and trust.

As a first step, try writing an email to your local newspaper. In the letter, think about something that makes your business newsworthy. Perhaps you’re employing a bunch of new people and are boosting the local economy. Perhaps you’re building a unique product and aim to put your local town on the map. Or maybe you’re just holding a fundraising event and want to get the word out. Whatever it is, saying it with official backing helps gain credibility and reputation.

You can also appeal to the online media too. Many outlets, especially niche outlets, like technology or food, are constantly looking for experts who can chime in and offer the odd quote here and there for their articles.

Tip #3: Spruce Up Your Facade

Perhaps the chief offender when it comes to businesses looking bad is their front facade. Things like broken signage, peeling paint and crumbling brickwork all make your business look less inviting, less professional and more like a bomb site.

Do You Run A Business Or A Bomb Site?

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The good news is that these problems are relatively easily sorted out. Scissor lift hire is good value these days and gives you the opportunity to clean and repair any areas that might need work. Don’t put it off: you could be losing business.

Tip #4: Touch Up Your Web Design

Just as your physical front door says a lot about your business, so too does your digital front door: your website.

Poorly designed websites are not only difficult to navigate, but it’s also a message to your customers that you don’t really care about the quality of their experience. Plus, most businesses, even small startups, now have attractive, highly functional websites, thanks to innovative programming languages like HTML5.

Google also doesn’t like it when your site is old and unresponsive, and it’s trawling bots might penalize your site if they think it’s not loading quickly enough.

Tip #5: Customer Feedback Is Important For Appearances

If there’s one thing that the digital revolution has taught businesses about their clients, it’s that they like feedback. The problem is that many companies aren’t keeping up appearances online when it comes to reviews. Many companies are neglecting to respond to negative reviews, thinking that they are unimportant when, in fact, they matter considerably as to whether your company does any business.

These days, customers expect businesses to respond to reviews – even customers who have not yet used the product. Communicating through review platforms with your customers is a key way to show that you care about their experience. The more you show you care, the more customers you’ll get.


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