The Role a Modern HR Department Plays in Business


Over the years, the economy of most countries has switched from being muscle based to knowledge related. Of course, manual labour is still vital, but most companies now rely on people who have other skills as well. The way the modern world works means that the need for skill sets that take years of study to acquire is here to stay. You can read more about this important change here.

As a result, the way recruitment is done has had to change, and evolve somewhat. The fact that a more varied skill set is now required for many jobs has to a large extent made recruitment more complex.

This means that most companies are now heavily reliant on their HR team. They are a vital department, which keeps the business supplied with the personnel they need to do a good job and succeed.

The Role a Modern HR Department Plays in Business


A human resources department that can recruit successfully is vital for any company. Those who are responsible for recruitment need a good understanding of the business. It is the only way that they can gain a proper understanding of the type of people needed for each vacancy.

Simply calling someone who has the right paper qualifications and asking them to start on Monday does not work. Recruiting in this way is short sighted. It usually means you end up with personnel that do understand the culture of your company, and are not a good fit. Your HR team also needs to understand where the business is likely to go in the future to be able to recruit the right type of people.

This means that they themselves need to have good communication skills. They need to have a close working relationship with all of your line managers.

Induction and training

Once recruited your HR team will play a big role in settling that new member of staff into their jobs. They take care of induction, training and often assessing the suitability of the new recruit once they have actually started work.

Usually, they are also heavily involved in identifying skill gaps, then putting together training programmes to bridge them. In most organisations, it is the HR team that care of organising ongoing training for all staff.

Staff retention

Your HR team also plays a vital role in when it comes to the retention of staff. They make sure that staff are paid on time, run bonus schemes and provide support to individual members of staff when it is needed.

Regulation compliance

In most countries, the way companies operate is heavily regulated. Often, in order to operate legally staff members have to hold certain qualifications that need to be updated regularly. A good HR team will know what those regulations are and do the necessary work to keep your firm compliant.

The right tools for the job

Given the complexity of the HR role, it is very important for you to invest in this department, and provide them the right tools for the job. It is important to buy and use a good suite of HR software. You can find out to know to buy the right package for your company by clicking here.

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